Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Prince Of Prince Darkness

Post number 72

Kevin, Daphne, Judith, Chris, CJ, and new crazy (nice) one. You ere Egham UN members.

Complete skeleton, flesh up, and bring to life this one:

The Lost Boys, 50s MAN OWNING SHOP (!!!!!!!!!!......!!!!!!), YOUNG KIDS, comics, SINGLE MUM (relate it to ET and Hollywood), 50s man has dinner with SINGLE MUM to get to her boy. Boy’s older brother abused by man in black leather. The latter was abused when young by 50s man.

Conclusion: NATO not only armed with conventional and nuclear but by men in black leather too !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Power unit: Mandleson/Melbourne/ex LORD GEORGE ROBERTSON (you are stripped from every thing NOW, you bastard))/OSBORNE (that’s the second for you, Davis Cameron, first being Phillip Hammond)/Greenpeace International starting with UK/ Lord Peter Melchet/Steven Tindale ex Greenpeace/John Sauven/current/ ? ? Mumbi of Oxford university with Jeremy Legget who had competition on the subject of treating business as if going to war with Jeremy Legget/Greenpeace/Jeremy Legget Solar Century.

Derivation: Vampires not born but created.

Vampires = Paedophiles
Prince of Darkness = Prince of vampires = Prince of Paedophiles.

Powers of prince of darkness comparable to power of SPHERE OF EVIL (The late Ayatollah Rouhullah Khomeini called America Evil or Satan, yes Jimmy Carter?).

One of the numerous chain of power of power with links of:

SPHERE OF EVIL - Prince of Darkness (we will not allow you to be a quitter) – Zuma.

The force of this chain is applied to Mandela, Tutu, Careem, and Carter (there was a gap in the photo shoot at lunch Jimmy. You standing alone and the other 3 SPHERE OF EVIL standing with poor Barack).

Action: UN Egham and world security forces. MOVE!!!!!!!! No ifs, no buts, no nothing! Got it? This is a benign, and benevolent dictatorship = H.M The Queen ruling by decree and us DOING WHAT WE LIKE. If we go wrong, we will know. Remember that we as an engineer have the factor of safety of 500 degree (angle) for when we go wrong. We revise assumptions and then carry on until we get it right. Sumo sure footed steps with DOC MARENS to ensure added stability.

End of your work on this one Kevin and team. We draw a line under it.

Now, you will like our next one:

Did you get: ‘Arrest Mandleson, and lock him up. We don’t mind if you reverse the order’? What we meant was if our people reversed the order, that would mean that the stripping of the now Prince will have to be done inside the locked cell. We had assumed that the stripping procedure can only be done by H.M the Queen. So, she has to come down freely to the station to do the stripping off. When free thus, then she can tell the police that she has been a rubber stamp from the day she became the Queen. So war her father,…..

So, the riddle was a re affirmation of empowering H.M that she is now free as bird. We freed her, and if any one dares to capture her again, then they will us to deal with. And the world knows by now, how we deal with people. Watch this:

America, one more press conference with G.W., please. If you do that, then he will impeach himself!!!! Then we can Dick Cheney become president just for an hour, so that we can do this:

Can Cheney walk and chew gum at the same time? We know its corny but why not? Any thing goes. Got the parallels ya? Nixon, Gerald Ford and impeachment. We are now laughing like crazy.

Here is another one that H.M has got to come so that we stop thinking the she is dumb. Well not? A lot of other people say a lot of other things about her, Prince Phillip and oh dear, Prince Charles:

You didn’t know that Brian Sewell taught H.M her English. She is so dumb that she hasn’t got the accent right! That’s a challenge, your majesty. Defend yourself. Then all other would be able to as well. Oh, things like why did Prince Harry the Nazi Uniform to fancy dress party? We think the nation and similar places plus Virginia Commonwealth may just be curious and want to know. We reckon you can come out and tell us, don’t you?

npr: Wow. You cancelled the whole hour of programming last night and played classical music. We haven’t got a full reply to send you play, but here are a few from memory to reflect last night’s variety of moods, with emphasis on the melancholy and tragedy (our boys and girls in our old home):

Samuel Barber’s (no one else’s) Adagio for strings,
Chloe Hanslip’s (no one else’s) theme from Schindler’s list, Yuso Ndau and Nina Chery’s 7 Seconds, Nussrat Ali Khan, Eddie Vedder et al from Dead Man Walking (the end bit), Madona’s Frozen (The song, not Madona), U2’s One (for the song, not Bono).

Will you play them tonight if your challenge was that we may have suggested quizzes to take place between us. Not only, did you approve of but started the quiz. So, we now call it quiz one, where the score is America 10 points, the rest of the world ? Answer can only be played if we had a fair chance and have our music heard tonight on npr. Huhhhhhhhhhh! That’s our challenge to you. Play the songs or you are disqualified and loose your 10 points.

Whatever you do, you will not loose status. With last night you proved that you have 1000’s of years history. We will leave the exact figure out, or our future quizzes will loose the umph on them.

Please forgive all errors. We’ve got to address a national security issue that the publishing of this post will unfold. Don’t worry, we are prepared, always. You see, we do philosophy, and foresee what will hit us next. Don’t be impressed by our philosophy. It’s nothing we can describe ourselves. It’s a concoction from father teacher/Imam/bearded/40s Hollywood fashion follower/senior civil servant and uncle teacher/Imam/philosopher/mathematician.

In fact, we don’t even know what we know, if that makes sense.


For H.M. Queen Elizabeth II of every where plus Virginia Commonwealth,

Strengthened Empowered Ambassador at Large

PS just thought of something: If you treat reading the above as reading the Hammurabi Law Codes, then what we’ve produced becomes one to rival Shakespearian writings! How about that! It depends on how you look at things, doesn’t it?


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