Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Post number 80

An explation of the ove mentioned.

Women in any different relationship, if fell in love with me, then she will have done so together with the love relationsgip she is in. If she is a lesbian fell in love, then it would be her kind of love. May be the kind of love missing, perhaps?

I am thinking details with you as we go. Minute details of the research are bew to me too. So these are just ideas, and they do not form parts of the blog. That means that it does not fall under the Dictatorship laws. Therefore I can't tell you that a woman, whether, single, bisexualy married or a swinger, they all fall in love in their respective ways.

Clive Anderson, time to set up a system to catch these as they are born.

Ma ass Salam, Syria, Khuda Hafez Iran, so long USA, AVAZ, FAO and UNICEF


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