Saturday, 17 January 2009

Philosophies demand death in order to protect the survival of 7 billion human less all popes currently identified + more to follow

Hamourabi most definitively applies.

It is an emergency of the most necassary type that unless all popes are summarily executed, Humanity may not be able to experience 20 January 2009. There are no proofs required as per derivations of my philosophies.

However, in order to offer assurances to all irrespective of their opinions of my decisions, I offer 1+ 1 = 2.

Attempts have been made to come up with a value even sounder than this. None was found. Derivations, however certain it may seem is left open ended for allow for future research in the subject.

What makes the sentence past, more assuring (not that more assurances are needed), the Popes had installed Trevor Ely known as T to the world, had been planted next door to me to kill me. He has left next door to me for at least 6 months, duting which the survival of human race was the target of the Popes.

For this, Philosophies impose additional sentences of death + X. In practice, this meaningless, but the derivation remains in force to history to record.

There has been no room for the inclusion of human emotions in the sentence past as the blog confirmed in a previous post.

Mr Killroy Silk: You Political Party was (is?) known as Veritas which means truth (other than TRURTH). I appoint you to help me identify Popes as described. These will be made up of those already known to you, those you may have identified during this research, and finally those you will discover as we proceed with integrating our gains.

Your identifying Popes is subject to my confirmation. Some may be found of questionable values. I will issue final approval in both cases.

Your charge in the service of humanity and indeed mother earth commences this time 21:46 hours date as confirmed by you.

Comment on being unable to record the date is part of the extra punishment imposed. This extraordinary occurance is typical of this research. The reason has been the cruelty the group have practiced without regards to human values or human attributes. Research tried hard to keep the groug as part of the human race, but was not derivable. Hence, they are proven as subhumans, will be treated as such.



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