Wednesday, 14 January 2009

PC world, A British business

Welcome PC world.

We will have to place you under a different classifaication, but glad to have you with us. We have instructed our banks to help businesses and indeed the public for their needs, in the latter case with housing and help relieve credit crunch. We hope that this step helps them solve their problems. This government is established to remove many bottle necks the old system were infested with.

I have news that I have caused so much damage to the very fundamental foundations of banking, stocks and other related issues, that the system has either malfunctioned or every thing has come to a grinding hault that no one knows what to do.

At the same time, I have rightly encouraged the UK public to approach banking in a new revolutionary way.

On the political front, there is so much more anger pent up in the public by Dick Cheney's proud defense of the administration that the born free American people are going to rip Mr cheney apart with their hands if they could. I am afraid that if they are not going to destroy what we achieved so soon, so quickly, then I suggest our Proud and free America will behave in a manner the rest of us be proud of. I am certain, that id exactly what they will do.

Here at home, the public will be proactive too. There is real potential for trouble in both countries. I appreciate my roll in being instrumental here for making the work of the police difficult. It just happened. I do not regret what happened. We are allowed to make mistakes due to inexperience and shear excitement of getting born free status after nearly a century's domination by others. I am sure the public will protect their hard won freedom with the respect it deserves.

As a rule, cauing trouble for no reason will be treated harshly under existing law and order, and that is the best we can hope for. Because the police themselves have been set free to, then I see a positive and peaceful behaviour.

Back on the American front, I am afraid I have to record for history, Dick Cheney's outrageous defense of the Bush Bush Administration so soon after we exposed all the ills (mildly put) they caused both at home and elsewhere:

Bush's presidency was good, Bush did not make mistakes, economy good, Cheney satisfied with Abu Goraib (indeed!), Bush team left the world in good order oh, sure!), alqaeda did 911, Guantanamo perfect.

I am stunned that after all the humiliation that the ousted regime faces recently, Dick Cheney can still defends his records with so much confidence that one would have thought, he was telling the truth. My disagreents with Mr Cheney are so confrontational that I would rather remain silent.

I will leave America and the world try Mr Cheney under our Tutu truth that will prevail from now on.

I eagerly await the start work in a few hours with energy and hope.

The world is perfectly safe as I retire for a few hours. Although, there was cause for concern for the utter silence the world experienced. It can only mean that the old regime has not given back our freedom of speech and expression. I know, its early days, but I find the inability to celebrate fills me with sadness, while our days and nights should be joyous ones. Also, I am shocked that after all we have achieved together, I who played such a major roll, still cannot claim my own personal freedom. The irony is interesting. Still, I remain fully achieved to face challenges with positive steps.

Field Marshall Mohammad,
For Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II of the world


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