Thursday, 15 January 2009

Over here and over there.

President – Elect Barack Obama,

This is for the benefit of America at the expense of revealing the concealed (!). But I need to do it, because using opposition outdated 20th century intelligence are going ruin tonight for you. So I will be blunt (Truth can hurt), but I blame Cheney for this. His punishment for now is Cheney = Pope = massive drugs manufacturer/dealer + Neo – Nazi + a definitive paedophile.

These people conducted and financed both wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. I order president – elect Barack Obama to detain these 3 so that they are no longer in a position to erode your confidences like they did yesterday.

I challenge the 3 to come to Jim Lara’s programme tonight to defend themselves against above charges levelled at them. They should have touch stone proofs to defend themselves. If they did not appear on your show together Jim, them I will condemn them to the severest punishment as per Desmond’s demands of his TRUTH.
We called be talking penalties.

A lesson to any one on the planet: Don’t mess with me unless you can beat Tutu’s TRUTH. Get your facts right, so that you don’t die!!!

Mr Erick Holder the Attorney General – designate: you drew analogies between Water Boarding and torture. I confirm it for you. From this hour 19:47 GMT both are exactly the same, qualitatively, and quantitatively. Done and dusted. Line draw under it.

Here is a little gift for the family to catch the one who made the better/bitter comment: Compile guest lists of each and every dinner hosted for Blair where he made a lot of money for his fantastic speeches. Scrutinise each participant with an electron microscope.

If I don’t find her there, I will look elsewhere. In fact, I am looking all the time. Its home, you see how demanding Hub ul Watan e minal eemaan is? That is why you will never beat the Afghans. Give up.

End of service at home over there, Prof President Barack Obama and his First Lady Michelle.

Back in Britain:

Mr Brown: My research has caused curiosities that don’t slow down my progress. However, it questions are thrown across party lines, that must be answered sooner or later. In the geographical and political landscapes we are in right now (functions of time), the nation will benefit if I shuffle the parliament to see what I can reveal for a whole host of benefits to the nations. We need loads of benefits, so I have already justified myself to appoint you as my man to investigate both parties in an exercise to re engineer the parliament (keep the good bits, discard the rubbish).

You are charged with the task investigating the following:

1) How well do Michael Howard and David Cameron (dismissed already) know each other? If a long period, were they involved in terms of mentor/pupil, Professional only, Professional and social? Lets see what comes up.
2) Since the old Monarchy is abolished, none of the statutes are valid any more. I thereby refer to the scrapped article of the Official Secrets act, and order you to open up the Mo Molem file. There is a probability she may have been killed. Infinitesimal of probabilities can be considered mountains of possibilities considering what a horrific nightmare ruthless Blair turned out to be. No ifs, no buts, no nothing. Just do it. If any one asked you, remember that our children have been raped by Blair and associates.
3) Investigate Yvette as a likely woman in black leather. She could be disastrously, but negatively power punch like The Prince of Darkness, the enemy of this nation.

An entirely different matter, unless a serendipity: Direct order from myself (not through Brown) to UK Police, and all national security forces. Find out who ABAD KIBAD is. Sex not known.

No need for any one to report to me. I will know.

Field Marshall Mohammad
For Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II of the world.


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