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Our Soldiers in Afghanistan killed by Sphere of Evil, not Taliban

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Fellow Americans: Don’t even think of Barack doing a single sheet of paper during his first year. If you want to know why not, ask the SPHERE OF EVIL. Barack will be recovering from shocks, the ourgoing disgraceful administraion left him with. Then, you have no one else, except we who are over here thousands of miles away. So, Rumsfeld, Cheney et al are convinced they’ve succeeded. Except that they are wrong again. More a little later. We secure this home first, now that we and our Egham UN have been placed at risk of becoming the biggest joke the world ever laughed at, and why not. Who is this Mohammad guy any way? They will know.

Gordon Brown: The parliament is dissolved. Royalty was dissolved but you’ve got a new one that works, and it stays because we say so. The house of Lords is dissolved.
No one in executive, judiciary, and legislature have any authority whatsoever. All of you are kept for window dressing to spend the transition period a smoothly. The transition period is the difference between the date we make devastating announcements and the date you guys and gals need to construct seamless transfer to realise our announcement.

For example, we abolished the Monarchy. Mark the date. Estimate the weeks you need for Her Majesty to make Her Historic announcement on TV, telling Britain and the world that from that Historic day, she will be ruling by Decree.

So, between now and then, you say and do what you like. Enjoy it while it lasts. Learn from Hamas, Israel, Hezbollah, Syria, Gaza, and even Iran (we have a week of Iran here now. Who did that?). Livni saying she will do all sorts of things and kill even more Palestinians. Ya, right. Pull the other one, girl. You bunny wunny, goochy kin and stuff. You got to laugh, even in this sombre moment, Britain. It helps you heel quicker.

Now, Gordon. We are not saying any thing to you about our boys and girls getting killed by the SPHERE OF EVEIL, but Taliban and Alquaeda getting the rap for it. Just one thing: BRING THEM HOME. Bring them home during the Monarchy transition defined up above. However, if you need more time due to realities on the ground, you have it, but be diligent.

The same procedure applies to all other walks of life for wont of a better word. This home is safe now. We go to the other:

Fellow Americans:

We won the acre of land in Runnymede fair and square in exchanges in earlier nights. It is ours now. Here we announce that today is the last day of the rule of American Empire in Britain. Your two symbolism proving that we were a colony are gone. We are no more a colony. But you know what? You are our colony now, in fact until the year 2060! Here is how:

In addition to winning our acre back, we conquered an acre or more of America. We won Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond. From now on, we do a shoulder to shoulder to you in a manner America did to us. Whether cruel or kind, you will have to wait, because from now on we will be doing the saying. Chris, our History captain knows the procedure of our Law delegation turning up from time and time placing slabs of stones commemorating the date we were there. The purpose being that America will not forget who the boss is. If they did, then all need do is to visit the said Commonwealth University. The reverse of the procedure, the American Bar Association did in the last 51 years.

We ourselves are even more American now and more dedicated. So, here is the deal:

1) Rev Nick Glover down in Texas. This time its not a joke either. If you are alive and believe in our philosophies when some one briefs you, then its time you represented us to help build America a strong foundation or substructure. It was 40 years ago, 600 ft down in the mine in Cowdrey Colorado when you asked us if we had a naf. You meant knife, remember. The Mine was Ozark Mahoning from Illinois (!) with manager Jay Abbot (U of Wyo). Tell the folks that we have changed. But tell them how, and by how much. Hope you receive this.
2) Motown! Move and Unify. We Empower you with authorities you know we have.
3) Robert Redford: We knew of some differences between Sundown and Hollywood, but are not sure whether you are with or without us. We have a project for the community at large. For these projects, we have bottom to top approach.
3a) The aim: Our 2 nations must become friends in a bottom to top shoulder to shoulder. We have a short cut: The folks at Chicago npr who do wait, wait quiz are claiming that we insulted them when we said America has a history of 300 years. They hit back over a few weeks period and we think they were trying to tell us something different. They claim to have all of worlds history plus 300 years.
3b) That provides a challenge from the rest of the world. Since it is difficult to rally the whole world to Britain, why not Britain represent the rest of the world? Lets have a war of comedy of the type npr thrive at and they are good at it. Boy, are they good? Let them be America’s captains.

4) Here in Britain, we form a team to be captains for the rest of the world. They will gather other people and material for matches.
5) Both sides will work out the mechanics of doing it. Projects like cross – pond live TV challenges. Serious ones like our BBC's University Challenge, and light hearted ones of the kind npr puts on air. We laugh aloud in bed but cannot answer back. Even if we could, the whole of Britain will do a hell of lot better.
6) We see ideas dying to be made to commercial realities, don’t you? It will be better than the crap X Factor that destroys our kids and your. Its by products are, 10s of thousand cases of mental illness, truancies, hopelessness, family break ups,…..

Got to go and observe a moment’s silence for our 100 plus boys and girls who died bravely, but were cheated by Blair and Bush's shoulder to shoulder.

Love you America.


for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II of every where and Virginia Commonwealth

Enforcing Ambassador at large, and UN Secretary General.


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