Thursday, 15 January 2009

Orange to help flush out drug dealers! Drug Dealers

Ang San Suchi of Burma,

You can come out now. The Pope was holding you and human rioghts hostages as hostages. No wonder nobody could get you out.

Orange Communication: Wish is approved. Now, you are a part of my Personnel organisation.


Get the world's kids texting NOW!

This is good or may be bad. But it is an order to make sure I succeed. I am a partner now with 20 of percent of what you've got.

Now go get richer.

Project. Drugs
Market: The world
Marketing not needed.
Adertising not needed
Business plan not needed
Market: I sorted that one for you, so I can justify my 20%
Suppliers: The Pope- Burma - Bush - China - Afghanistan - Columbia - Mandleson - George Robertson. When we've profited from these, I will find you the other suppliers.

Mandleson: You looked mighty powerful on TV yesterday when you humiliated the cabinet to take their words back. They were encouraging businesses to flourish. They were trying to put some hope and happiness in the 60 million of.

You made us wilt for a few hours. Do you know how much that cost the nation? I will tell you if the prison guards allow me to see you

Dear Britain: Just analyse Mandlesom from the time his polical career began. the BBC and Jon Snow are ordered to do their utmost to find every one of Mandleson in the last 30 or 40 years. I will flush them out. Then we will take trheir trousers off in front of woeld TV for all to see that never were wearing swimming trunks. But they swore on their mothers' life telling us that they were.

I will back date the clock and calculte cost, square it twice (just being kind, really) and Tutu's truth will comment.

World, you'd better get used to the Tutu Truth thing. I am relying on it to do this. So, if any body, publishes anything negative, talks negative, thinks negative, they may be other Mandleson's. OK?

Field Marshall Mohammad


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