Monday, 19 January 2009

Now, Lets clean the kitchen sink from scum

Treat as urgent as hell. NOW
UK and USA only:

No suma needed. as you are are. mother earth is self healing. Watch her kick ass (Iam no god, sorry too busy doing this).

There will be some repeats.
During capture, road transport to air ports, on planes, on arrivals, to detention centre(s) (you may have too many scattered) on countries of landing, use water baord, extra rendtion thingy,other tortures they haven't told us about, and on top of all that, one of my Mongu punches just for the hell of it. That is the psychology. Buttough be decisive. Be the boos. That will humailate all, except Chenyey who is a machine.

Now then. From the start. UK AND US are comoletely shut, no ins no outs.

Barack: Round up both Bushes (men), Burrell, Rumsfeld, Cheney, the guy with fake mustache/hair, Job (2 Punches from me)/ and fly out toBritan.On arrival, put them all in open top buses and do your stuff. Take them to sites they hated most and they must be instructed to pay respect. Any one not obeying, shoot them. Make sure stray bullets hit that fucking Churchil monument. Televise around the world. This will make the rest of them on both sides killed themselves. ensure to leave enough ropes taken at gun point from Al Malaki and televise to the world.

Find Saddams WMD and shove them up there ass.

Repeat process for both countries a few times. They will have been given the worst nightmare they were not have been prepared. This is our shock and. Consult experts to extrapolate my curve. Dont double check it. They are not worth it.

How about that!

Done, and dusted.

Karim Ahamdzai,
Team leader, earth projects.

Have a meeting with them all and get as exact an idea of Guantanamo Bay


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