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A New Year Gift for Mr Kuffner

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Mr Henrik Kuffner,

You still are reading the proceedings of CCCC Limited's social responsiblity aspects.

You might think our gift is a strange one, but it is the best we’ve got to offer on this New Year Day. First, we wish you a happy natural fibres’ New Near at IWTO, and all other blog readers around the world, including China who are unable to read us now. Get your copies somehow.

Our gift to you is our recommending you network with just one person and take it from there. The person may think you are a bit mad, but take a chance. We have been trying to establish a date when the killing of wool and dry cleaning occurred, and have suggested 1991 so far. The reality is that no one can or should fix a specific year, obviously. The killings have been gradual and taken place over a number of years.

The person in question is none other than the world famous A lister fashion designer, wait for it, (drum rolls please), Mr Karl Lagerfeld. When dressing down started by introducing jeans worn with a tasteful wool jacket, Mr Lagerfeld was the last one of the fashion designers who had to throw in the towel.

We recall seeing his photograph in a British fashion magazine wearing a dark wool jacket and blue jeans striding to some catwalk or other where Hilary Alexander, Anna Wintour, Lowri Turner and other fashanistas may have been present. We take a guess at assuming where the intelligent promoters of dressing down were going at the time. To end up with today’s life style of wearing T-shirt and combats everywhere? Precisely.

The year Mr Lagerfeld donned a sport jacket and blue jeans was sometimes in the 90s. If our guess is right, then Mr Lagerfeld may love to get involved and turn tables round.

Round about the same time the late Mr Yves Saint Laurent threw in the towel and retired in disgust at where the fashion industry was forced to go. Tom Ford took over from him.

Then it was the late Gianfranco Ferre’s turn. He got fed up, packed up his bag and went to China.

The near death of wool brought ingenuity from the world of fashion, and we saw the birth and exponential growth of accessories and ranges of perfumes, shoes (Sir Paul Smith) etc.

Any of the names above good for you so far? Give them a call. You won’t loose anything.

Then there were the American youth in the 90s who saw the danger of dressing down and did something big enough that their news reached Britain: They started wearing dad’s and grand dad’s old sports, and tweed jackets (probably Saville Row) with Trilby hats to keep wool and dry cleaning alive. The jeans and cotton promoters hit them so hard that they were never heard of again. Sadly we can’t trace them so that you could network with them. We wonder how far reaching this blog is?

Then from our dry cleaning days we recall some designers who made fantastic suits and jackets: Hugo Boss, the late Louis Feraud, and Nicole Farhi (baggy 2 piece suit for husband). A full list of our favourite and dry cleaning approved designers is given in one of the earliest blog posts.

Then other people who attended the ‘fibre of the gods’ congress of 7 in Edinburgh are definite networking people: The Scottish Enterprise, the Scottish Government, the Harris Tweed weaving Scottish school pupils, Johnstons, Modiano, Lochcarran, H. Dawson, Haworth Scouring Company (who may be well on their way learning computers to set up a website), Saville Row, Messe of Frankfurt (they will do the leafletting for us this year), Standard Wool, and British Wool. You may have to re educate the latter two to get their priorities right.

Down south in England, we wouldn’t be surprised if some of them haven’t found you already.

Then down under you have the Australians, all of them with masses of research, facts and figures. That is why they have been ignored by the FAO and won’t even host a single event this year.

Please see to it if you can grab the cancelled date for Mumbai and schedule it for Scotland. Britain’s representation is poor. A wool and textile rich nation has chosen a venue to do with mining! Is Britain rich in mineral fibres? Who is Britain’s envoy at the UN General Assembly and FAO? Is he/she mad? Britain is given the last date when all grounds will be won by BT cotton producers, jeans and T-shirt gangs (watch out for product promotions in events when dignitaries will be giving lectures in combat trousers. Oh yes) will have won the day. The New York sheep show will kill what’s left of wool.

And then there will be the likes of Adidas and competitors promoting man-made fibres (unfriendly to green issues), Clima-Cool and other rubbish to keep the shivering Europe warm while Europe is experiencing a shortage of gas. Russian gas pumped through Ukraine! What if we have a Georgia in Ukraine? These are some of the issues that may have skipped the attention of the UN and it’s FAO, or have they?

Now a question: Even if we have hit the nail on the head and you can form a formidable force to make their presence felt in venues this year, can any one trust us to take care of the weakest link, Dry cleaning? No, you can’t, but buy us a shop and find out. That would be our New Year gift from you to us. Then together, we can change the world. Gordon said, but we mean it!

How about that? Don't like your present? Oh, well. We tried.


PS. T popped in and read post number 41 and said “Ah but you left Iraq out”. We told him that he was being unfair. He didn’t ask us to include Iraq. He said we should have. We replied and said we left Iraq for our intelligent readers to extrapolate other curves in the blog post, and they will get to where they ought to get. T insisted we should have any way, so here goes (while remaining within the mathematical set wool has confined us to):

Iraq is a democracy set up by those who were caught not wearing swimming trunks. The democracy only works within the heavily fortified ‘Green Zone’. The Iraqi government and parliament should try to move out and set up offices in old ministries scattered around Baghdad. If they did that, they will be cut up to mince meat by the people who had elected them regardless of being Shiites, Sunnis, Kurds, Christians and others. Why don’t they try it? The same goes for all the embassies.

Now, on the other hand, when Hamas ministries and houses are bombed as we speak, the leaders hide among the people who had elected them. It works. Hanniah and all others are alive and safe. Are we talking two democracies here? We believe we are. Logic dictates that if democracy elected Hamas, but they are terrorists, then aren’t the people who elected them also terrorists? They indeed are, in which case Israel should not feel an iota of guilt for collateral damage they cause. The people of Gaza are not collateral damage. They are terrorists. Now, Israel should have a free hand to kill the lot. Hosni Mubarak of Egypt can keep the border shut for life without explaining any thing to the Arab world.

The point that needs emphasising is this: How stupid do America, Britain, Egypt, and the rest of the EU really think the wool loving world is? 100 of them! More importantly, are they really good friends of Israel? The latter worries us immensely, for Israel too will be our dry cleaning customers and CCCC Limited would like to serve them and bring the money to Britain.

QED, we believe. We draw a line under the subject. We won’t even report what will T hit us with, next? We won’t share with you the pleasure of continuing debate with him. We have become selfish all of a sudden.


At 10 February 2009 at 14:53 , Blogger Vitanol said...

Hi Karim!
I read your blog. It's interesting and very difficult for grasp. Very diffcult for your pass-politics,business intentions and personal feelings.But everithing its all right.
Good luck with your next work.
Your Czech friend Vitek.


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