Saturday, 17 January 2009

My Norwegian Family Saved My Life

Allow me to introduce myself all over again to show you that Cheney had selected gold only to find out that inside fe only found shit Karzai:

Sandhurst qualified Zambian captain in Mongu Zambia insult Afhanistan (Russian/Afghan wise crackkers at my expense). I invited Steve (?) outside the Lyambai hotel bar where we were both drinking alcohol. Kaunda's security was so shrap that by the time we were outside, there was a police man with a gun waiting for me to support steve. So, in a way, we the Soviets, Britain, Zambian army/police and one Afghan. I decided to take the lot of them on. Had a quick think (as one does). At this stage my Norwegian family about 10 of them were standing by but not taking sides (just like their country!). The point is in order to win I had to neutralise the gun. Make sense, doesn't it?

So, before any one what happened I punched the police man so hard that he fell flat on his back. At this point, the Norwegians broke their neutrality. Some of them threw themselves on the top of the police man pretending to dust his uniform, but firmly pinning him to the ground. The rest of the family threw me in the back of the land rover (That's how we abused NORAD landrovers Isac) and hid me some where so deep no body could find me.

I fought something relatively small cause and won
I fought the world for a smaller cause and still one (99%)

Philosophy: Which cause is bigger.

Success rate 100%

So as said, don't mess with me, any pne.

John Cash was fucked. A boy named Sue. The world knew it since he sang the song. The world knows the song. The world knew for a long time Johny Cash was fucked, but couldn't utter a word.

Bush's free world: Rape is OK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On Tueday, 300 Americans can shout rape and Obama will explain.

Barack buddy, Innoguration done and dusted. Now nether party will ever has any reason to oppose you.

US Armed forces (all of you) - except nuclear, British forces, all of you. Start weeding my country NOW: Start with the Brooking Institute, The heritage Fucking Foundation.

Very important: Arrest a couple guys from Canada and Mexico. Insepct, thoroughly. Disinfect if need be and release. Just to be on the same side. I have enough scum all over the god dammn place.


PS. Catch professor Coleen Fucking Coffee either in US or Britain. The super Bitch has twin nationality, and id the chair of the Repblicans abroad. She is immediately innogurated as my first BITCH POPE.

Klick, Clive


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