Wednesday, 14 January 2009

My Born free Americans, the rest of us are with you. We feel your hurts.


Born free Mohammad here and I am cool strong and watching the bastards. I think the butchers have got most of the world in their firing range. Show them who is smarter, braver, free in spirit, and free as a bird.

South Korea is crying. They are killing Muslims, Jews, Arabs. No body matters. Don’t you think I know right now that they’ve got my lovely darling 300 million Americans in their Neo Nazi firing range.

See who blinks first you bastard Bush, you paedophile Cheney.

Be brave Americans. I hear you loud and clear my proud and brave nation. When you are born free, I will give you a taste of TRUE born free Love. Kind Sweatheart with loved one is enjoying now. I bet she is intonated.

My heart feels your pains, but be brave, and be patient. It won’t be long now.

Motown, UNIFY. Let the whole world hear you.

Let South Korea Hear you. May be you can hear them. May be you echo so that the whole can hear them cry. The world is not felt full of. Won’t be long.

The neo Nazi blood suckers know that this last few moments are they have left before fear, guilt, an the misery We all saw on their pathetic miserable faces.

Mandela is silent, Tutu man of TRUTH is silent, Mac Maharaj is silent, so are billions of other decent humanity is silenced. That’s how viscious they are.

Love to all


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