Wednesday, 14 January 2009



Born free Mohammad here

Listen up you bastards! Your new commnder in-chief here and don't you forget it. Just free from doing other things and as cool as fucking have never been. You pathetic miserable shivering with fear blood sucking neo fucking nazis.

Did you see what we achieved last night alone? Iran a friend of America. Did you know that my lovely 300 million Americans? You see, their games has been that no nation should get to know each other. So that their child abusers can rape pillage, burn and gas and then blame others.

Did the world see how I grouped every case they wher they have massacred.

If they did 911, does the world honestly think they care about any or the rest of us any where? They will know whats its been like, for us for a century.
Enjoy your last precious hours. Are you 3/4 dead, shitting blood?

Did you hear that, South Korea? Sure feel you brave born free Generals. You are all generals now.

The same with my lovely Germans. We know how frightened you are with American fcuking Nazi cities on your soil. The butchers think the world doesn't know that.

Know this world: These cities are killing machines. They don't exist on German maps. They are actually little American cities where only American laws exist. The offical currency is the dollar. Germans are treated like shit and no one knows

Are taking this my brave Virginians? Did you know what we just told you? The compare their commander in - chief Imperial fucking postures, looking human. They are not.

You've built libraries for these bastards. We will disinfect them to remove traces of their filthy American child abusing subhumans. We will get them one way or another.

There are 7 billions of us getting ready to rip you apart.

Lovely Itally, brillaint Spain, Oh, Holland, be brave.

One thing is for sure. They cannot touch me, and that makes them shit their pants.

Get to know your dearly departed Emperor, folks. They will be leaving the ranks of humanity sooner than they think.

Boy, can I write? Every word has been a stab in their fucking hearts. I know that. Got to go, but may be back any minute.

Freedom soon,

Field Marshall Mohammad,

For Queen Elizabeth II of the world

Motown, UNIFY!!!!!!!!!!! Let the whole world hear you.

Let South Korea Hear you. May be you can hear them. May be you echo so that the whole can hear them cry. The world is not felt full of hope. send them more.

Field Marshall Mohammad

For Queen Elizabeth II of the World


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