Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Mental Health

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See how wool cures it. It says and Mohammad quotes (! See the humour?): “So, Steven Fry, Lenny Henry, Ronnie O’Sullivan, Robbie Williams and other world changing British personalities including John Cleese have been and are suffering from mental illness, do you think? Do you really? Typical, absolutely bloody typical!”.

Did you know wool can talk? Of course it can, or else we wouldn’t be quoting it sillies. Honestly, we wonder at times if any of you got the faintest idea what we are on about. Any way, we will stop quoting wool to make life easier for you.

Well, look at it this way: We believe that the blood sucking Empire used psychiatry to discredit these people and disarm them of their ingenious capabilities. Professor Raj Prasad of psychiatry who was gaining grounds on Radio 4’s “All In The Mind” was swept aside accused of plagiarism. Wool says he wasn’t. Wool challenges Jon Snow of Channel 4 (this will help you survive, sorry BBC) to give professor Prasaud prime TV time to defend himself. The nation’s mental health is at stake here.

Whether Channel 4 succeeds to overcome the forces of the blood sucking Empire to break free or not, it doesn’t matter. You! Steven Fry and others get better! (From Manuel Faulty to O’Really’s Irish builders in Faulty Towers, when he asked who the bearded man was, staring at the latter in the face and not knowing he was bearded, and said: you work!). That’s an order, Robbie Williams. Throw those pills away. You don’t need them.

Wool will see what happens next.

Now, something completely different: Prime Minister Putin of Russia. Wool has selected you to the Runnymede Congress of born free 2009. The Empire will shred you to pieces over the gas crisis in Europe. Wool has this to say: 1 +1 does not equal 2 when the Empire attacks you. Don’t take notice. Wool provep black to be white. Any thing the Empire, Czech Republic, Poland, Ukraine, and Georgia throw your way, the opposite is true, according to common sense.

Wool is convinced that what you and Gascom are doing are cases of being cruel to be kind. Your seemingly unkind measures would appear to wool of being cruel to be kind. Wool believes that one need to be cruel to be kind to resolve the Middle Eastern crisis. Wool further believes that you are doing a fantastic job of making positive contributions to the Mid East crisis by slapping Europe to wake up to realities on the ground.

Time well tell. Meanwhile, if Europe shivers in cold and suffers, then for one thing they should have had some warm wool jumpers. For another, while suffering in cold, perhaps Europe will demand if Syria, Iran, Hamas, and Hezbollah should be given prime time viewing on their televisions just for the hell of it.

Wool has a challenge to offer: The late Prime Minister Rasheed Hariri of Lebanon = Winston Churchill. Let Hezbollah prove it! An airport is named after Hariri. Wool thinks that's a joke and an insult to Lebanon.

Britain will be selling knowledge economy to the world. This post is just a minute taste of what we have on offer. Our universities are par with the Ivy League of America if not better. Wool will free Britain and then we will show you all what we can do.

Doctors MN, JG and Michele who are keeping an eye on things are assured that we are not exceeding our limits. Mohammad is having so much fun you wouldn't believe him. At the moment he is singing: Dooby dooby do goddamned do... Strangers in the goddamned night, etc. We changed the lyrics somehow, you will have noted.

Kilt: Something worn in Scotland by Americans and in America by the Scotts. From the American genious, Ambrose Bierce in his 'The Devil's Dictionary'.



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