Thursday, 15 January 2009

Key Disinfected for the President - Elect

Dears Professor President-elect Barack Obama, Dearest Michelle, California, Arizona, Philadelphia and Hawaii for now.


I took the day off from Britain, and the running the world for Her Majesty, when an emergency came up. I was horrified to learn you were given a key to Blair House. Just his name is deadly, so I had to rush. None of you have touched it, have you? Oh, thank goodness for that.

The key needs to be disinfected, protected against current pests like the people who made remarks whether Michelle was better, or Bitter, or future ones, my stuff will kill then or at least keep them well away from you. They are all Blairite. As to they are, what if Told try the drug dealing, poedophile, Neo Nazi, Pope for starters.

For the rest, just pick up any phone, and our prime minister Gordon Brown will fill you in on the rest. Any, time. I, personally have promised both of my nations a new shoulder to shoulder. npr, Jim Lara, and I have already started it.

You needed a huge stock of anti Blair stuf who is backed by half the worlds evils, drug dealers, child molesters and god knows what else, and leave it with dearest Michelle to doubly insure she has enough to deter the spuremely powerfull SPHERE OF EVIL and Blair's horrifying American supporters. Now, lets get the domestics to give the house a good going over. Just the key is so dreadfully potent, it has poisoned the whole house. But the stuff I made and Her Majesty approved get rid of every thing and every one remotely connected to Blair + Pope + the drug manufacturing Burmese Gunta and the rest.

America owes what I can do for America to my beautiful Karen up in Virginia. I have called her the historic number one human in the history of human kind, for the kind of reasonings you've receiving. Without her it would not have been possible. Oh, joy.

Well, prof, dear Michelle, you will find America more cheering and cheerful than last night but shall we wait and see? You've got that revolting lot of Cheney, Rumsfeld and others who've been the shame of our America to deal with. Absolute filth. Together we remove any traces of them. They have poisoned America, but I am healing her.

Love you all,


Field Marshall Moahmmad,
For Queen Elizabeth II of the world


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