Sunday, 18 January 2009

Just popped out: Steve Job is Sub Human!

The assumption at the beginnign was absed on suspecting Fergussion and Steve Job linked for devastataing the minds of billions of humans on the planet by hittings minds with damging electronic, imageray, art (the type in John Meyer Ward, Springfield Hospital Tooting London was witneded and recorded).

Worse still, Manu U TV, and Apple linking together can effectively do this: Apply terrorising forces on a promonint world figure (a country's knig, president) to say some thing contrary to their wish during a TV interview, on a podium, etc.

Results could shock hte world so much that Bush bombed some place unilaterally, the world ould see it justified. I had suspected Manu U TV as Bush's Power pack of Army, Navy,and Air force with Fergie sittning in his dug out and enjoying the show. I am exerting immense pressure to break him. Steve's leave of absense amelled fishy.

Team or class, analyse. I will leave it to you and the masses of Born Free to deal with. Thsi will put enormous amount of fears on others who may be master minding their next move.


Team leader, earth projects.

Wonderful progress, Mr President - elect. All concerned may have been anxious for the safety of Lincoln Longhorn. I was ALWAYS IN-CHARGE. I knew huge risks. No longhorn, no HM, no wool. There you go!


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