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extremes rely on strong bonds socail packs, try untested tools and hope for the best. Ref Mulsims/others, BNP/othere and similar, could be scary. Adultry an issue (obviously) Too many children, good. We need population. We don't have enough. So the sub humans while knowing real;irties were getting people form the back of lorries and helping them, instead they poibted them out as scum, undesired, and burden on us. Evil!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lost some there.
Back to the land. Brilliant. Get all races on land, mix them with farmers, Lincoln Long wool, HRH Charles (an Egham UN member!!), NOT ocvered: Morris dancers. Madatory, para military and all. While fundamentalistr with long beards and BNP are together, doing community work (!), Morris dnacers will make them laugh. THAT IS WHY THEY KILLED IT< SAVILLE ROW, TARTAN, HARRIS TWEED, ENGLISH WOOL CLOTH (KIDS WORE THEM IN AFGHAN SCHOOLS< RIDNG RALEIGJH< BSA< AND HUMBER BIKES. THEY DIDN'T TELL YOU THAT< DID THEY>

Back with you 12:39

Amazing : Islam and Royalty. Mor elater .

Back on to screen

Back tro stronfg tradtional minorityoes. Leader is important. But remeber: Sunis do not have leaders. Strifes attached tothem are lies!!!!!!!!!!! Muslim Council of Britian is a puupoet tool of the state made up so that to fabricate Leaders for Sunis. he do not have leaders!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have a cunning plan for this, but alterr:

Missed Joey. Shame.

SHall I expand on my disability???!!! You know. Make a big deal we will see. No you do it. you got emails enough Feed Back and You and Yours Use allof them going back to 2201 that webnt to White House all the Royal COUrts of Europe, ISREAL, Khatakmi, you name it. They all become state documnts now! Hw about tht.

Back 12:51

WORLD WILD LiFE??? Cruelty to animals, Animal experiments,

Got IT! Ban tests involving animals. Yes not needed. Remember a general rule or rule of thmb. I proved thty EVIL forced it upon us that balck was white. I proved them wrong. SO, most things they did, we do the oppositre. We will busr labs. Demnstratrors were right.Leave it to
me I can srill us eWAd, remember? How is Sir Bloody Alex. Youwairt and see when ther will be not a singled Mnu logo on earht. Thats is themost cost effecetivre way to clean up the world of Play sstatiomn. , audio/video intrellgences, entering mind without the subject knowin gthey had enterd breain.


End of Animal Park. Ref to Royalty dark past, nut enough to build on. Agree. Then i have some one for you who might chamnge the whole thing. Colin, my broither is after your throan. I often thought he was planted in High down and prison Officer amde a point of it I met him. I DID. He is after Surrey Police HQ in Guildford tp claim his stake. He has been treated like scum drugged chased and he come s to my poor home and all I cna offer him is my sofa.

I still have his spare rtiusers heleft here a few weeks ago when spent a few night swith me. He goes to Kew Gardens (records) eys end him away.

I cnat find his desk type computer he and his partner made in 1981 that miht have made an impact. look up the Express News paper. Article with picture of Colin and his partner.

If you want to make Royaltyreally interstin them throw Karim of Queen Victoria, whose records they burnt, and threw him out back to India. Did he die in poverty.
If you blow the worlds mind with him, I would still keep Islam out. Rmemember we have 1 billion, comncetrated in places like Inodneisa who could errupt. If I a mulim whatever, then, we will all be at rsik. However, if Islam is kept out, then I am free to lash out them and sort them ouit.

My sons, oh dear! They may be upset and shocked. Why shouldn't they be? With them and Mustafa, it like this: Suppose you are having a deep dailogue with someone about what I have done. Exchanges will be like thrwing one book at your debatee, expect him to grasp meanin g in full. Then he throws his eniterly different questions- anothe book expecting you to grasp i n full. Soon enough you will come to blows because none of make sense. Now imagine (after 30 minutes) the two are my son and I instead of the example of two people at random.

If you are in touch with them (I cannot see them or we will come to blows. That will be hte nd of every thing. Tangent: Imagine htis cost alone when Clive and team tries the SUB HUMANS (Oh, that Balair. You knew he was brilliant. He made my job of being the new Churchill so easy. Blast the radios with comaparative ingenuity that we have and Ihave enjoyed so much. No TV, because I don't exist.

My sons shoulkd try this: WHEN WE MEET, WE reamain as we are. Nither side acknowldges te reality. Gradual progress will then be made to achievments by mentioning how I sorted out the press. Jacob or Baz could say: So it was you who did the press and re engineered Meyer/Martin BEll? OH, WE WNAT to know more, but give it to us piece meal.

Helen, you do the same with Mustafa. Leave it to you to spearhead.

Got to go. I try not to come back. My life is not normal.


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