Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Job trainee clive

Here is something for you to do:

First get the folder out look up ABAD IBAD whatever
Second: See it is a man, a woman or a vegetable
third: If man or woman find out why they phoned me on my mobile

can't be bothered with the rest of the training proceedure. Bed Rock, find some one.

Fourth: If a man or a woman find out (they phoned me from 0845 number. I can't find it. The bit of paeper is the same one with more code about Howard .... The man with no name.) Find the missing numbers. They then offered to pay my credit card debts, loans every thing. Now, the world knows that I have no money yet... . And I don't have credit cards debt or loan either.

Something really fishy. Its a Cheney knid of illogicality, and I was wrong about that but safe. He is human in a Wheel Chair. (The disaabled being common betwwen Cheyney and I is a product of re engineering. So I kept where I might find the bit of paper to find Howard.

Fifth: You will have deducted that they are either lying and I can't stand liars. You have no idea how much I hate (old world) liars. (Sir Allan Minton Supar, prepared to act but see where we are heading heading. Thats all. Relax. If not lying, then they DO have have money.

Sixth: The reality is that I have dusted off this issue. The whole world knows I have all the money. So where did they get there.

seventh: this is where the vegetable comes in, quite conveniently, indeed. It must have the money. Now, we have an expert who talks to trees. Trees, vegetable. Whats the difference? He (old world) will pick up his wind up phone (not bugged) and have a little chat with Sir Allan.

Meanwhile, I will get the people to be ready to uproot that big cock behind the White House that Alex Fergusson flashed at the world from his dug out. Now you see why the dug out, don't you? No? Precisely. And that is because Donald Rumsfeld sweetened 7 billion people.

Eight: By now, I would have found Howard... with no name who made Jacob drop the name the name Ahmadzai, and assume a new identity. He wanted Jacob to loose my Identity. Right!

Nineth: In a little while, I will have found Howard who has nver had swimming trunks on in his life. Prince Charles will ask (I know) with tell Sir Allan to let Howard have it.
Done and dusted for this job. Always ready for next. Make my day.

Karim Ahamdzai,

Team leader,
earth projects.

PS tell Bazgar who phoned me from work to check if my mental illness has improved, some how. Claudia Hammond: Leave it to you but as Dr John Ging knows I have already accused Howard using the effect similar to Stockholm Syndrome. John Ging knows I did that all by myself. There are emails to prove it all over the place.

Even Fergussion has it. That is why our street are a lot quiter, there are fewer guns, and knives. So now, if my nephew Mustafa does'nt agree with me, has Howard got to him too?

That should help Clive train a bit. Mind you, the gap to fill is huge. From Abacus to RED TAPE.


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