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Its not your fault, Michelle. Think Stepford wives, perhaps?

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Hammurabi still applies with its demands

Immediate previous post not numbered due to highly Historic import, Chris to note.

Dear world,

First, our sincerely apologies to H.M Queen Elizabeth II as defined, and the Royal Household for embarrassment caused, now that we are H.M.s Global ambassador. To emphasise to doubters that the unbelievable panic caused by the equally unbelievable Empire, that the unfortunate experiences did not weaken our resolve and strength, we do this:

We immediately promote ourselves to the post of H.M.s Global Field Marshall with immediate effect. We assume this is acceptable to Her Majesty so that we can carry on as if nothing did happen. Then, the same fear that we had created in those damaging to planet earth and who constantly opposed us, will be put back. Having set forth that, we resume thus:

We feely immensely embarrassed for the position and responsibilities we have been demanded by the rules of our work that is based on truth. We expressly apologise to Archbishop Desmond Tutu and other world dignitaries for insecurities we might have thought to have caused. However, we have known for at least 2 decades that there is human intelligence in Britain similar to and even a lot more, qualitatively and quantitatively. Its’ just that no one had any form of freedom of speech or others to express themselves. The world had been switched off for a long longer.

With the foregoing, we have now established very rare importance to the very ways the previous two blog posts were written and presented. Chris, may appreciate that. Furthermore, we were absolutely certain that as disjointed we were made by others, we still ensured that at least there was an element of Tutu truth in the text for Egham UN to assure them the nonsensical texts contained the phrase ‘We did it together’ to Chris who is our History captain.We knew they will have deducted we were fairly composed, sane alert and in good in good spirit, so that they could assure others.

We also have an important announcement to make. We aregiven to understand that Bin Laden was seen on TV earlier today announcing Jihad on Israel. Well, if that is the case, then he is one of Bush’s men! We are not even shocked in the slightest by this incredible news that must have shocked the Western world. We accept it as a matter of fact, because it fits our research as a glove to hand. We are floating away calmly on laminar flows (fluid mechanics) which had been turbulent for nearly 9 miserable years.

We must say that we, the mouse pusher don’t have any feeling one way or the other. It must be recorded that we cannot explain this, although we should remain dissociated from the subject matter (mouse pusher and wool). But this perfect adherence to a theoritacl value is though sensible, but it is shocking. We are human. Have we always remained so detached. Readers may find descripancies. We don’t even know if we should be angry or not. Whether the previous sentences made sense or not is immaterial now. But they may have significant meanings to future generations. That is why we recorded them.

What even surprises us more is that we have similar feelings about the 3,000 or so who died at the hands of Neo Nazi SPHERE OF EVIL. Some people may find this incredible when know that we had sent an email to New York Times on 10 September 2001. The email expressed our highly emotionally charged feelings and outrages at American and world lives. We offered help but were slightly amazed why New York Time did not respond. We will see if we trace our copy. If New York Times could find their copy, then we will have surely driven one more mail in Bin Laden’s coffin.

It wouldn’t be a surprise either to believe stories of the Bin Laden family members who were flown out by Bush. Now, there is something we may be able to prove when we desperately tried to reach Professor Jeffrey Sachs of the Harvard School of Public Health for a specific reason. The subject was a number of classical cars worth about $100,000 (1970s) that Saleh Bin Laden had donated to the School. We empathise with his anguish of the professor and that of Anthony Gottlieb of the Economist too

Friendship between the Bin Ladens and 2 Bin Laden deaths (Saleh on Crawford Ranch, the Bush’s retreat in Texas, micronite plane) and the father in Saudi Arabia are documented earlier, and recorded in the blog too (we think). We can’t be bothered to expand further, because we have more pressing routine matters to see to, Nothing urgent or alarming. Calm prevails around the world, a testimony of us being on course.

What we really wanted to set on record was the Black leather connection with Michelle. We went through such tense period of a week or so, that left us. We were as though tied to a chair that was nailed to the floor, and us desperately trying to reach the press button for the alarm to seek help.

Although ahead of Mandleson and co by a few days (diplomacy), we had allowed for their being aware of what we knew. In which case Michelle life would have been in danger. They will have killed her so that our intelligence work will neve be put to the test. Obviously, god forbid, should that be the case, but Michelle remains alive, she will tell us who the culprits were. Then we find them. You don't know yet how good we are in finding people, but we are pretty good. Lets hope we don't need to use our skills, either way.

We suspect that Michel may have been abused herself (its research) so that she could defile others they set uer to hunt down, ad abuse. Her own girls?! We need a second opinion on this but could not and still cannot take any chances for damages that could be caused to America and the Obama family. It is obvious that news should break now, when we have a combined strength and popularity. We have echoed against each other. Neither could have done without each other.

This way, Michele would be in a stronger position if the world knew that god forbid the suspicion becoming a reality. She would draw a lot more support now than if the news had not been broken. Well, we have done that now. Broke news. Hence, a boil that was squeezed, and provided calm and comfort. Fair enough?

Hence, stepford wives?

Did we make sense? If not, you have Hamourabi to help.

We will just call ourselves Field Marshal so that we are not tempted by Edi Amin’s status seeking. Although, an impressive military title that we have surely earned, we will never call ourselves Shirley! Oh, dear. How corny!

WORLD, YOU STAY IN PEACE. If we hear just one sound or masses getting out on streets or shouting Bin Laden again, then we will know they are our “widow dressing” but defunct transitional governments, and Bush's men breaking things. They will never learn, and we are not bothered any more. We shall sleep soundly. So, don’t be surprised if we are not back.


Field Marshall Mohammad,

For H.M. Queen Elizabeth II as defined earlier


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