Thursday, 15 January 2009

Integration or Differentiation?

Hamourabi Applies

1 + 1 = 2 met its opponent 1 + 1 = any thing but 2 during Cheney's second interview with Jim Lara for the second time. The experience was awesome. CHeney got me so confused that I cannot believe any one could do the that to me. It is an indication of the violence of these two forces that confirmed Newton's oppsite forces repel each other. Newton said they repel each other. I lived through a phase that is new to me. I was walikng backwards. I still can't explain things. I am all over the place. TRUTH won, so are in no danger. Relax every one.

Sorry India for being rude to not acknowledging what Mahatma achieved for us all earlier. In fact a day earlier. We heard the Historic Gandhi/Miliband acknowledgement of what I have achieved.

Stunned at the following flawed logic. Freedom. Most of the world are grateful for freedom because they have no complaints. the few countries who are not free must be responsible for all the bombings, loosing 100s of thousands of their own lives and times killing us free ones too (bombs in London and Madrid). Why do these idiots who not free kill people in London and Madrid whoare ? Sheer stupidity on Bin Laden's part who has a historic record of refusing freedom for a nearly a decade. America has been looking all over parts of Pakistan, and Afghanistan to free him. He doesn't seem to like America's freedom
1) America gave us a free world except a few parts that America is to gift with trying to make free too. Why are the few so stupid to reject freedom so violently that they are paying very prices as we all know. They are prepared to be bombed the hell out of, to reject freedom. It doesn't make sense, does it?

2) I am doing the same thing and am rejecting the freedom America has given not only myself but the entire free world.

Now in plain English:

The rest will have to waite. I cannot continue being rude to the goodness of Mahatma.

Blame Cheyney. He made me loose me senses, unless some body was holding a gun at his brain and making him say exactly what I want him to say.

In his interview with Jim Lara, he proved my work in the blog. He proved my work that according to Bush's America, 1 + 1 is any number but 2. I don't believe myself is to how right I have been all time. You have a think

Incomplete reply, but has to wait for now.

Other matters.

Sweden, thank you for doing my job! Tank you Serbia for accepting the invitation. This is one possibility of what may have happened between you two. Other possibilities will have to wait. Too much else to do.

Mr Karedic, and the great General Mladic: This is from one top military man to another. You proved during you hiding that you will never surrender your freedom. You were proven right until they got Karadic.

The Kangaroo court in Holland. Free Karadic. Holland is my home!!!! How can you apply your rules in my home? You morons. Release him at once.

The Balkans: RE unite make Yugoslovia again.

Field Marshall Mohammad

For Her Majesty Queen Ellizabeth II of the World.


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