Thursday, 15 January 2009

Impressing Her Majesty

The whole nation is trained to be similar to Mohammad.

Training: One master key, and here it is

to seperate blairite + Mandlesonian who incldue the Chinese, the Pope, and others) from the poor little Brownites, do this, after I instruct the BBC and John Snow what to do.

To make master key: Keep on people you might like to interview on any subject under the sun, say 5 times, 10 times.

personalies picked at random and backed by The Giagantic Popites, President of China, Columbia, you name it, will vanish in to thin air, so you don't even have to arrest them. That's it. Gone.

ON the other hand, if they keep on appearing confident, and factual, are not bothered by appearing on TV, then they will be your poor tortued Brownites.

Here are my samples:

1) Lord David King, the super charged world backed peson: He will vanish. Never heard of again.

2) Ditto but Ruth Lea

3) Ed Milliband? Do I believe in nepotism, when I say, he will stay on. never to vanish.

I am so confident of the result that I will take the day off, if I may, Your Majesty. THank you mam,

Bye every one.

Field Marshall Mohammad

For Her MAjesty Queen Elizabeth II of the world


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