Sunday, 18 January 2009

I am tired. Want blood? Vicar of Dibly BBC TV

Dawn french,

Terrys chocculate advert emphasised ownership in the phrase 'Its all mine' Borrowing it, Research and I concur that indeed all te winnings thus far is all mine.

That was me, the mouse pusher talking. I do that all the time, don't I? Me and my completely loud tightly sealed mouth (HUMAN RIGHTS)

Now research takes over:

I was urgently called to take action. The subject is the BBC, the bed rock of this research. Therefore, there is nothing to worry about our current Cloud X - ? state of euphoria.

Time 08:12 GMT

Trevour Phillip hinted BBC may be racist. This is in conflict with our logic of 1 + 1= 2, that needs convincing derivations to prove it wrong. I cannot be back to the station for the next 48 hours (new landscape). However we (we, I, who cares in this world where 1 + 1 = at least 10. Ref MIT Reference library Old knowledge is defunct, Force Majeure). Mr Phillip is encouraged to take advantage of 'be as you are' so that he can look foward to his debate with me when I am back. Mr phillip's in depth knowledge in one field was and may be still is exemplary. Quinton Cooper's 'material world' was presented by Mr Phillip prior to his moving on to the commission of racial enquiry.

The commission since disolved is familiar with my vigourously defending my human rights. I have records of communication (one way) at the ready for offering to Mr Phillip. So, there is nothing to worry about on that front, then.

While here, I offer (mouse and research are excited and are both talking, but never mind that), more refreshments to the trio of Kaunda, Tutu, and Mandela thus:

I Confirm the solidity of Desmonds TRUTH thus. You have all noted that on occasions I have used 'truth' instead of TRUTH. This has been deliberate, meaning that questionable cases, I need only use the smaller value. You can see Des,s trust in his TRUTH to brush my 'truth' aside and say: Let them have it boy! Then we heard: "He (G.W.Bush) invaded a country based on a lie.

The 'free' world of bush's ( pathetically dying hours now) seem to have forgotten Tony Blair: Team, check your note books and slap charges of lying. Let BBC moderate, and keep a record for Clive Anderson. Resaearch has a particular in this case (Latter day Churchill factor with a filthy mouth that send goddamn Fergie shocking).

The differential TRUTH - truth has hidden advantages for the exclusive club. It's a mouse for the users to express and apply their universally established value set for them. Constituents include liberties, overlooking personal issues that Sub Humans well exploit to endanger the rock solid value they represent.

In fact, there may be an opportunity for some exploit the issue of Zambia Police and his gun in an earlier stroy. There isn't. Insecurity in Zambia was so rife due to insufficient resources (Low copeer prices for one) that police has no transport to crime scenes. My own house, Number 9 Nkandabwe Avenue Ndola was the target of thiefs no less than 28 times in 2 years. There are even bullet holes in a tree near the cinvent side if the tree is still there. Expatriates have ample stories to relate on the subject. Consequently, orders were given to shoot robbers on site. We feel this was entirely justified. For one thing, I may not ahve been here to do this.

And then, there is crowd (?) justice. If a driver kills a pedestrian and stops. He will be killed on the spot by the angry crowd. Such actions that draws their enforcements from history, culture, heitage (Hamourabi) and similar are very powerful. That is why the outgoing era stole Hamourabi to rape, kill, pillage, Mandlesonise (I can do better) innocent people whose only crime was to eat, feed and have a nice time. Is that enough crime to burn and gas? I certainly don't think so. No way. I need a lot more than that just to apply my Zambia/United kingdom/Soviet Union defeating punches on one of my Born Free. Yes Sir. In their world, Johny Cash cried aloud for 50 years: I'VE BEEN RAPED, while the emperors were opening presidential libraries for each other (I still have the sledge hammer, you know).

President Kaunda and Mr Mandela have nothing to wory about any thing whatsever. In the eyes of the subhumans, Mandela = Johny Cash = Kaunda. Proof: Mandela wasn't invited to the US by George W. He was busy saying "Yo, Blair, what is their fucking beef?"

Feel free gentlemen. Do what you like. If you are not heard then I fear I may have been right. The clock starts now. Bush still has effective communication to reach you. Unless one of his men is holding a gun at your head right now, in case you snored in your sleep.


Team leader, Earth projects


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