Monday, 12 January 2009

HM The Queen Rules With Decree With Immediate Effect!

Post number 68,

Your Majesty the Queen of everywhere and similar places,

We are saying this only once, and we do have a cunning plan. In fact, you wouldn’t believe us if we told you, so why bother. Any way, do you know how precious our time has become? If you don’t, then figure it out with the new powers we place at Your Majesty’s hands.

We gave you the cross of St George, St John 8 bells on Norman site announced world shattering emergencies right across the globe and its space (we are in-charge). Furthermore, we have strengthened ‘Empowerment’ to give us powers over you. It is now called Strengthened Empowerment:

Strengthened Empowerment = Wool + Mohammad + Facts +,

So, now we work:

Your Majesty: You are empowered to rule with decree. As such the current Monarchy is abolished with immediate effect. It is now 14:50 hours GMT. Assume New Monarchy immediately and then tell us what the hell to do. (Cybil, Cybil! What’s my bloody name? Basil faulty to wife.). Wait a minute. Isn’t it the other way around? We should be telling you what to do. Then research tells us that we get bogged down in telling each other what to do and stuff. Can you imagine the chaos?

Cunning plot: We’ve given you the St George’s Cross. You give a new one to Archbishop Rowan Williams. He is empowered to get all kinds of Muslims, Catholics, Jews, Sikhs, Hindus, Buddhists, and all others sensibly. Then sort things out. We will keep eyes and ears open.

NEWSBREAKS: George W. Bush. Don’t apologise to us. You will be given a fair and just trial at the newly established Alternative Parliament in Egham. The latter is now elevated to the new UN with immediate effect.

We have discovered serious contradictions in Lord Peter Mandleson. Results may have world shaking affects. The EU may become under our extremely serious and alarming investigations by the Egham UN. Details in a future post, but within the next 48 hours

Your Excellency Nelson Mandela: We hear extremely serious reports that Mr Zuma’s fake ANC are arming themselves to the teeth ready to cause massacres. Regrettably, we have no option but to appoint you as the acting new president of South Africa with immediate effect and stop the blood. Mr Zuma may now appreciate what Mandela’s TRUTH means to us.

Mr Zuma’s logical members, who believe our 1+1 = 2 philosophies, should take charge of Mr Zuma’s ANC, and work things out, sensibly. You will all come to see that you are in agreement with Excellency Mandela’s truth which never gets old. Compare his values with Mr Zuma’s changes he has brought about to his ANC for the betterment of you proud and honourable Rainbow Nation. You all read Mac Maharj’s book, MANDELA, A PORTRAIT. Its is written in code (he was Mandela’s intelligence man, after all, don’t you all see?). Then go and stare Mr Zuma straight in eye, and see who blinks first. This is part of our philosophy of ‘heart to heart’. It worked with prime minister Putin, who helped us save the world from a nuclear catastrophe a little while ago.

While you all slept, and so did parts of the enslaved world, George W. Bush nearly succeeded in getting prime minister Olmert to massacre 5,000 Palestinians in just one incident!!! That will have enabled George W. to hit Israel with all he’s got, so that there will not be a single Jew left to tell that G.W is a Neo Nazi.

We already tied Mr Zuma with G.W yesterday, which empowered the court to launch fresh trials. We predict that Mr Zuma will be tried for fresh cases on any subject under the sun. We will keep you posted. If we have impressed the world with the devastating effects and speed of our intelligence, then we will not be surprised at all if you especially the hot blooded ANC youth (supporting Mr Zuma) are not already surprised by our achievements. Please the read the blog.

Meanwhile, we, with our powers in Egham applicable for enforcement throughout the world, place Mr Zuma under house with immediate effect, so that he is unable to harm any one with his favourite gun. Lock the gun away, and use words. We could have easily ruled South Africa direct from here, but we didn’t. Those opposing the powers of Egham UN should not test our patients. It will cost them heavily.

Mr Mandela, you will have noted that we have allowed the democracy of South Africa to work freely, with the exception of placing Mr Zuma under house arrest. Mr Zuma himself, if smart enough should be grateful for the leniency we have bestowed on him. Others opposing you only pretend they don’t understand. Call their bluff. Hold televised session, LIVE. May be even we can watch it…


Back with Your Majesty,

You rang the bells, Your Majesty. So, we take this action: Give those guards at Place Gates a piece of your mind. Tell them they are Neo Nazi agents. That will confuse them…

Now, then Mandleson thing:

Ref: The Dumblain Massacre, Blair hiding records for 100 years under official secret act, Thomas Hamilton who was under investigations for Paedophilia activities, Chris Langham and the firing of another actor who wanted to expose Langham, reducing age of consent to 14 (Sodomy), article in the Scottish Sunday Herald, George Robertson of ex NATO (we will remove from European soil, remember?).

Egham UN: Lord Mandleson is suspended from duty with immediate effect. We truly value his input to-date, but since no doubts should be created in world’s mind about our integrity, we regretfully suspend you. The welfare of our children is of super paramount import to us, ALL ARE WARNED!!!!!!!!!

Our UN will investigate. We work independently, so that we can compare result. Please treat case as top priority.

Mr Gordon: You will have noted that H.M. The Queen now rules by decree. So, stop using her as a rubber stamp at once. Any contravention to this directive issued upon you from Egham will have serious consequences for you and your defunct government.

Please see to it that all Blairites are removed from you ranks. Front benchers, back benchers, Malcolms in the middle, we don’t care. Get rid of them.

To world security forces: Arrest Tony Blair on sight, tag him electronically. Use a fancy one to suit his dinner speech giving status. Deport to Britain.

Time for tea. Enjoy a cuppa, Your Majesty. Go on. Its now allowed, you know. Get used to the new set up, and enjoy it immensely.

Yours sincerely,


Your Enforcing Ambassador at Large


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