Tuesday, 20 January 2009

HM QEII will be aasassinated this afternoon

UK Security Forces of the HMQEII Royal Air Force, Dunnet's new souped up crack Army (we will show them, ha!), Royal Navy, the other ones (all of them)

First apply WD40 to every thing to get rid of the American stuff
second, Clive Anderson is unempyoed. I had given him 2 jobs, and then got rid of jobs, i.e the law, and the market for his abacuss. There is nothing left to count
Third, Bed rocks: Get cracking. Buy Clive a computer and then send him to the job centre for training (that'll teach him)
Fourth: At slow speeds I am proceeding, the Queen will be dead by the time you get this. But this is the best I can. No money, odd socks and stuff
Fifth, and least: Robbie of Fixated Threat Unit was worried that HMQEII will be assassinated.

Goron Brown and 7 billion. You are witnesses that I enforced my dictatorship. They are smart whoever they are. No doubt whatsoever. The point is, you see. No, actually, delate the last bit. I am busy. So I have to take extreme measures

699 (enjoy that, Gallelio.) Spell check, Muhammad


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