Saturday, 10 January 2009

Hillary is a Neo Nazi and must be removed

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Mr President Barack Obama,

First, we are annoyed to break our social get together and having to do this. We really are. But what can one do when one is dealing with a moron such as George W. Bush?

Second, this bombshell is another boil that is squeezed now. It will hurt, but you will be soothed sooner than you think.

Third, a thank you to president Medvedev and prime minister Putin for bringing the Czechs and the Ukrainians into play. Now, you can ask the Czechs why they are worried about Iran launching nuclear missiles at the Czechs for the latter to beg America to install defensive shields for protection.

The curiosity is this: If the Iranians supply the best they have to Hamas to launch at Israel, there shouldn’t be anything to worry about. Because the Kassams only travel 28 kilo meters. If Iran launched these things at the Czechs or for that matter at the Poles, then the missiles may very well land on the Iranian soil.

Now the Iranians wouldn’t be stupid enough to bomb themselves, would they? Tell you what, Russia. Let the Czechs expand on this when you are sorting out Europe’s gas crisis. Ukraine can join in for added intellectual contributions.

Now, Mr president, we could not announce earlier the exposing of Hillary as a Neo Nazi for you to get rid of her. We were placed between a rock and a hard place by G.W. in a two fronted assault that would have destroyed the very foundations we have built. Our very own philosophical existence from which we draw immense empowerments to achieve what we have, were in danger of being destroyed until this very day.

We ourselves have been practically gagged since 17 December 2007 when G.W. master minded his really complex plot. We will provide a brief of his plot when we sort out two freshly added global giants. At times, they frightened the wits out of us while we have been achieving our goals such as you have witnessed. Unbeknown to you, we have been working under a lot of duress. But we broke free of G.W’s chains now, and should even perform with added vigour from now on.

G.W. nearly succeeded in falsely proving that we are a lying deceitful cheating person. He is using two more global giants plus a firm of British law practitioners to discredit us with qualities we do not possess. We slipped out today by sending an email to Virginia Commonwealth University Virginia ( and copied it to the Nelson Mandela Foundation here in London. We couldn't utilise this crucial out let until today for reasons we rather no go into, at this stage.

We will sort out the powerful global giants (one of whom is now owned by the US goverment, or 80% of it to be precise) in a manner we have sorted out the other two, come 0900 hours GMT. That will give us more research funds.

The other front G.W. has been attacking us is by destroying the democracy of the Rainbow Nation that Mandela, Mac Maharaj (family to us through Christina Nyamfulele of the Marapodi compound, Lusaka Zambia). Mac is a staff member of , a college of the same name in South Africa. He wrote and published a book in 2006, entitled MANDELA, THE AUTHORISED PORTRAIT. Bill Clinton wrote the forward, and other notaries such as Archbishop Desmond Tutu (who wrote the introduction), Kofi Anan, prime minister Tony Blair, Bono, Muhammad Ali, and many others are privy to the history related in the book.

Mac Maharaj, we may add from our personal history together as family is not widely known and hard to look for, through conventional means at every one’s disposal. But we can tell you all that Mac lost one eye in the liberation struggle, and didn’t speak much while in Lusaka where we met. He was ANC’s super intelligence officer (a specialism he shares with the likely future president, Jacob Zuma). Mac was known to us as Careem (our name sake), and his secret agents wired up public phone boxes in London to send coded messages through the phone to Mac wherever he was in the field in pre Amanta days.

Mac, then used to modify fuel tanks of one particular model of Datsun (?) to smuggle arms through SA boarders without being detected at border posts. Fuel tanks half full with weapons still showed full gauge with fuel. Mac can tell it better if alive (we are concerned) if/when he appears soon on the BBC and Channel 4.

The world and we have been worried sick to experience continued silence from Messrs Mandela and Tutu for not being to speak to us through the BBC, or Channel 4. We couldn’t take the action we are taking now, because Bush had us between a rock and a hard place mentioned at the onset of this historic blog post. All the excitements we have caused in setting up the Runnymede Congress of the born free have not caused any excitement from the two giants of truth, to reach and to assure us. Are they not free to speak in a free land they created with Mac as a founding member (with Mandela in prison and who smuggled the very book from the prison)? Are they alive at all? If they are, then who’s stopping them to speak to us?

They and the world can be assured that we will remove the forces who have stopped them speak. We have a track record. We brought to life prime minister Ehud Olmert, and discovered the very existence of Mr Hamdad, the senior political man of Hamas Lebanon who was on the BBC TV (Hard Talk with Steven Sakur?) a few nights ago and spoke capably for some 30 minutes!

We will publish more bomb shells in 24 hours as detailed in the email to K.M. Videtec and forwarded to the Nelson Mandela Foundation, if we are not assured of the two giants' well being and freedom to express themselves within the said 24 hours. It is now 17:03 hours GMT, and we have started counting down.

Meanwhile, the world may give some thought to this: Mr Jacob Zuma is a natural ally of Robert Mugabe’s ZANU PF party. The two men are very close together. Mr Zuma has been the real power in ANC and the government for the duration of time when ex president Thabo Mbeki was accused of not taking appropriate action to make Mugabe see sense.

Mr Zuma held power and the world asked questions of Mr Mbeki. Now, Mr Mbeki, in his turn has been tongue twisted, and remains so today for not directing queries to Mr Zuma. Frankly, we smell fish and will set out now to see if it is tiger fish from the river Zambezi or the sweet tasting Chamba from Lake Malawi. You will know, that’s for sure.

Yours sincerely,


For Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II


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