Sunday, 18 January 2009

Here we go. What happened when the council (assumed 7 billion) met Helen and David?

Ok. Im watching BBC 2:

Lost 5 Minutes Charles Dickens (don't knoe his work) Drink alcohol. Feel free to drink. If I stopped it, there will be polarities. Diffeernces = fights. Del Boy rules. Why the other one couldn't get Rodney's name. Kept call ing him Dave!

Bread (old BBC OK. You didn't cover the.) Bring back "Mind your language. Oh, Dr Neale (DOING COAST AND MORE besides) You are mandatory. Time team, Monty Python, the life of Briamn, all Pythins tuff, Fawlty Towers, Little Britain USA, Paul Gambacini, STEVE RIGHT BBC 2,

The world will b run on IT (huge for reliogion. DOes any one has it in hteir religion? Dr Naik of Peace TV may contribute, along with all otherrreligions, except catholicism, but we are delightfully open for the billion catholics, The Hamishes, Mormans, Bahaiis, and all elss. Let us express religion as entities between 1 and infinity to ensure I do not leave any one out.

Back with you BBC now: Ben fogle, and Kate a must, and all seen in their slot, , the cocktail lovoing wierdo American with beard (whos man with beard! You idiot manuel. He is herebyappointed to consult every thing) Bald heads OK, but there men in black leather among them, like tattoos., NORWEGIAN are family. They suffered immensely. The yprotect humanity'e stock of whole some seeds deep in iice tunnel for our future. That is my job and theystarted a long time ago. So what will that meke them. Hadet PerBarth Svendsemn, Inge lovdal (Almuni U of Wyo, Anders Flote and wife, Magne Hol and German wife Helga upthere in the lofoten Isle with the rein deer Abatoir, Frode Kvaerning,...... Sorry MagneSoolgard and largsih family for a Norwegain. Honest, very decent Church going man. My first boss. Hope allis well, Magne

The Americns set up NORAD ( very CLever. Tell them Norway. The Sub humans had set up a huge miliatry force there so that they could have the food supply of humaniity Norway for us all. How hateful were the SPHERE OF EVIL? GOOD GRIEEF (NOT FOR ME. AT LEAST. NOT FOR NOW. I reamin human.

So, all in all, David and Helen. Very clever. You knew. It was the RHODES bit that was scaring me for positive reasons. Not negative. Neesds explaining .SUB HUMANS created this deprevation that caused this dangerous misunderstanduing,. If and when David (We can see each other !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) can pick out quantifying parametwers, if we can, we may end up with spin offs to use for difficluties in religion and other divisive issues.

OK. If you care to have now, I will stay on 2 to detect if you have bben able to make any sort of contact with my 2 sons (They know nothing about whaat I Do. Huge subhuman factor here. Huge toolls for capturing old POPES!!!!!), and,and, and my nephew who is a devoted practincing Muslim. Helen knows him but not deeply. He will fight you all because he still thought yesterday tht according to my brother Jag, I was so off the mark I was yesterday that I will end up wuith Psychiatrists. Yesterday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How much did you all know, nad hoiw little Mustafa Mohammad Mohamand, a share holder with Helen, David and I for everything we have built for know? Incredible. Knowing Mustafa will be a flexible measure (depending on who judges him) of how aware I had reamined for 20 years to keep Isalm and my work seperate. If any Muslim feels they have had roll, they are lying. If I have forgottn their help, then I am sure they will let us know, now that we are a 7 billion democracy (Ihave stopped watching now 11:39 GMT so don't waste time receprocating comboined Britsih in tell gences that got us here.

I will be back at 12:15. Tea time

Karim or Kaz as known to Helen, mum marry and David, and a few more


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