Sunday, 18 January 2009

Helen, David, and Jag

If you are playing games, then you are indulting an intelligence that is changing the world. Simply put, blame wool, not me.

If you get disqualifed as stake holders and secreatry Jag, it would be a shame to loose you but I cannot 7 billion for being irresponsible. So if there is some one out there who the the thrio,that Karim is woried in case they have left this planet and are else where. I am just interested to know what it's like up there.

Nugget: Be yourself at all times. If you cchoose to be 2 peopel in one, then you may need treatmnet. See a doctor. This will flush them out. How can they not see, feel, and enjoy the changes out there? Who is dumb? You 3 are beginniing to look rediculous. That will reduce the dignity of this research. I will not cannot and shall not allow it. Is that clear? You are wating time so vital to humanity.

Dignity restored,


Team leader, earth projects

Dr Martin Luther King acknowledged. Jag, you are letting the Sikh community of thw world down, even though my brotherhood may not not mean much too you. Wool was talking. Hardeep Singh Kohli: Your status as my global foot ball consultant is in disrepute. Police, Navy, Air force, Security Forces, find Hardeep because David, Helen and Jag are abolutely dumb. I thought I did not choose dumb. I maintain you are not dumb so that planet earth is not destroyed by Karim. You have rendered me a joke. But the joke is on you. Wool is talking


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