Monday, 5 January 2009

Global Born Free Congress

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Wool suggests we should hold a global congress of the born free in Egham, Surrey in Royal Holloway, University of London this year well after president - elect Barack Obama’s assuming power at the White House.

Wool suggests the following people and organisations who are listed in no particular order take part. We (Mohammad) have been given no role to play whatsoever, and as such will not take part. The list is informed that the purposes of the congress’ setting would be to make world citizens born free, beginning with themselves. Those invited will face philosophical debates with their inner selves whether or not to take part. Wool respects their ultimate decisions.

We will observe proceedings using existing means and will offer comments during the congress only if and when required.

Personalities and organisations are carefully selected for common values they hold. Others not fitting this category are holders of diametrically opposing views to one another. These opposing views have been root causes of a huge amount of current and past violent confrontations humans took part and still do.

It is hoped that the congress will eliminate misunderstandings for a peaceful life on earth with eventual born free status for every one, including the American participants who may not be as born free as they think they may be.

We live in a world that even minute amounts of common sense don’t exist. 1 + 1 is anything but 2. Living in such environments has led us all to live in fear, hopelessness, nonproductivity, loss of identity and mental illness. Participants listed are selected so as to bring common sense back. Then, the healing of our wounds is thought to become self propelling owing to human ingenuity. The establishment of common sense will then lead to the state of born free.

Participants will from steering committees, objectives and other parameters needed for follow up and implementations, with further annual congresses scheduled.

We ask president - elect Obama to treat the list and accord protection of the type applicable to other lists earlier.

If our proposed congress is along the lines of your thoughts, then this is an opportunity not to be missed. We have floated the idea. You decide and act as per general consensus. Wool encourages you all to take part by starting networking with each other.

Oxfam International
The Nelson Mandela Foundation
Professor Laurie Taylor of the BBC
His Excellency Kenneth David Kaunda
Jarvis Cocker musician
Rod Liddle, previous editor of the Today programme, BBC Radio 4
Nelson Mandela
Professor Germaine Greer
Professor Zaha Hadid
Chris of wool’s history captain at Egham Museum
The history department, Royal Holloway congress hosts in consultation with Chris
Professor Francis Robinson of Royal Holloway
George W Bush
Jeremy Paxman of the BBC 2 Newsnight
Tas Gohir of NISE, NHS
Andrew Marr of the BBC
President Jimmy Carter
Members of IWTO Brussels and elsewhere
Arch Bishop Desmond Tutu
Anthony Wedgewood Benn
April Glasby (Glaspy) US Ambassador to the Middle East in Saddam Hussein’s days
Dick Cheney
Australian wool innovations Limited
Pierce Morgan
National Team of Morris Dancers or equivalent
Ben Elton, writer and philosopher
British Rare Breeds Society (sheep)
Scottish Clans Caber throwers
Lord Neil Kinnock
Donald Rumsfeld
Lord Dennis Healey
Lord Roy Hattersley
Dennis Skinner, MP
President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela
Osama Bin Laden, leader of Alqaeda
President Assad of Syria
John Prescott, immediate past deputy prime minister, United Kingdom
The prime minister of Norway
The political leader of Hamas
Vladimir Putin, prime minister of Russia
Lord Melvin Bragg
The prime minister of Israel
Right Honourable William Haig MP, British shadow foreign secretary
Ayatollah Al Sistani, Spiritual leader of Iraq’s Shiite community
His Excellency president Kim Il Jung of North Korea
Mr Al Zawaheri deputy leader of Alqaeda
Robert Redford, the actor/director/film producer
The entire cast of Monty Python
Paul Merton, the British comedian
Ealing Film Studios of London
Jon Snow of Channel 4 News
Bono of U2
Team Little Britain and Little Britain USA
Dr Jonathan Sachs, Chief Rabbi, United Kingdom
Professor Geoffrey Sachs, Harvard University
His Excellency Rupiah Banda, the president of Zambia, if the author is not mistaken
Dr Vandana Shiva, environmentalist, India
His Excellency Barack Obama, president of the United States
Head of the British Council organisation
Sheikh Omar Abubakr, Alqaeda Leader, Indonesia
Muqtada Al Sadr Shiite leader of Iraq (known to support a unified Iraq, despite what is otherwise publicised)
Secretary General or equivalent of the British Commonwealth of Nations
Adam Hart Davies and his Kenyan Children’s charity
Ian Hislop of the Private Eye
Michael Burk, journalist and broadcaster (the moral maize of BBC Radio 4)
Shami Chakrabarti of Liberty, UK
Mark Tully, broadcaster (ex BBC India)
Martin Bell, broadcaster
Peter Day of ‘In Business’, BBC Radio 4
The BBC global organisation
Paul Gambacini, broadcaster, BBC Radio 2 presenter
Alex Salmond, First Minister, Scottish goverment
Scottish Enterprise
Rodrey Morgan (is he still incharge?), Welsh Minister,
Martin Mcguinness, Northern Irelnd Deputy First Minister
Steven Fry writer, actor, and broadcaster
Ken Livingstone
Annie Lennox
Joan Bakewell
Rabbi Julia Neuyberger
Mikhail Gorbachev
Manic Street Preachers
Sir Bob Gildoff
Sir Allen Minton Sugar, entrepreneur and business man
Wayne Hemingway. He told us last year he no longer makes clothes
Clive James, writer and broadcaster
Stitch n Bitch global
Clive Anderson, Barrister at Law and broadcaster
Mullah Zaieef Taliban Ambassador to Pakistan until 2001
David Shaler, MI5 whistle blower
Anna Machon, ex Daily Mail and David Shaler's biographer
The Israeli 911 conspiracy theorist Anna knows and the three of us met last year in the Indian YMCA, London
Avaaz global organisation,
Helen Knowell CCCC stake holder
David Rhodes Knowell CCCC stake holder
Mustafa Mohammad Mohmand CCCC Stake holder
Mohammad Karim Ahmadzai founder of and CCCC stake holder
Jagjeet Singh Sandhu, CCCC company secretary
The state of Israel, the nation and government
Jacob Gabriel Ahmadzai, Mohammad's son
Bazgar Karim Ahmadzai, " "
The entire London of School Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, London. Mohammad an Alumnus but through Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine
Dr Jonathan Miller MD, philosopher and broadcaster
Hardeep Singh Kohli, writer, braodcaster and football
Dam Pauline Neville Jones Tory's security for consultations on national and global security
Dame Eliza Munningham (?) Bullock (?) to sort out MI5 and remove Neo Nazis
Garth Crook, football
Graham Lasaux, Football
Alan Shearer, Football

The list is by no means conclusive and it will be updated periodically after search of our data bases.



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