Friday, 16 January 2009

Freeza Bank Accounts

Hamourabi applies

Clive Anderson up there on the Brunell University site Coopers Lane Egham.

1) Get WOMAN Pc Michelle, my own police officer (my woman) to chase out those bastards to wanted to destroy my Historic site and put crap houses on the site.

2) I've been thinking, devising a cunning plot (Tony Robinson, didn't mea to leave you out. Give us a hand mate), and everything else. Eventually, I came up with something: Freeze all the accounts of people like Mandleson, oh, the Pope, The entire Chinese leadership starting with the president, lets see who else, Cheney, both Clintons, and all others who equal = Pope, and all others you can work out for yourself, or try your best any way (cant get staff becuase Mandleson fucked up every thing) , because I've covered your back by Monty Python who quite unvoluntarily kept coming in this story. Pests! Any way I can't remember but try to colse Angela Murkil, Silvio Berlisconi, Rupert Murdock, and their fathers, and their fathers fathers, their fathers fathrs fathers fathers.... just continue the mathematical series until you reach the god damned dog. See if he has an account he should have. Check something else: Tommy (movie), pin ball wizards-Brighton - humungus celebrity whose photo was published in the news of the world taking boys home. But then nothing happened. Think hard.

Field Marshall Mohammad,
For Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II of the world

PS. Honda, Toyota, Lexus, and others and European cars had given me the keys much earlier. If you go to earlier blog hhtp://, you will find them all there.


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