Thursday, 15 January 2009

Force Majeure Rules and is enforced now.

This as an Emergency of the highest order enforceable NOW

1) I now Empower Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II to assume Her New Roll as the Queen of queen of the world NOW and shall rule by decree
2) Her Majesty renders this very blog a legal document and be incorporated in the Force Majeur.
3) Her Majesty by now empowered thus will appoint me, Mohammad Karim Ahmadzai as her Field Marshal as defined in the blog.
4) I then accept her Majesty’s Royal decree and assume Force Majeure to Serve Her Majesty the Queen and the world.
5) With all powers above and even more (every should shut up and don’t even think of asking me what do I mean by that last bit? Its none of this business, because we’ve got a war to do.)
6) I empower the Egham UN to be legally binding.
7) I then empower to Clive Anderson to constitute Force Majeure legal articles for Force Majeure. Majeure enforceable the world over.
8) I then order UK police, army, air force and navy just to arrest Peter Mandle described as the Prince of darkness, and to make the BBC a global organisation, and help in any matter relating to Force Majeure
9) I then order to all of the above to ensure our foreign secretary and ensure him and his family’s well being. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, you are ordered to help in any way whatsoever you can.
10) I then empower Chris, our history captain and then order him to order Royal Holloway University of London and all other UK Universities to act and others mentioned above.
11) With all of the above at my disposal, I now order the BBC to broadcast by radio, Television and any/all David Millibands announcement this morning from India to the world as often as they deem fit.
12) I then order the BBC to broadcast me to the world described above.
13) I then order the BBC to announce to the world to instruct Obama to assume the President of the United States of America to work under my orders.
14) I then order President Obama to use America’s might to announce to the world that George W. Bush and cabinet are NeoNazis. He should then arrest and lock up the lot of them plus whoever the President deem fit.
15) The president should secure and make safe America. He is ordered to ensure the safety of Preisdent Jimmy Carter, my number 1 woman of the world Karen of Virginia, Nelson Mandela, Kenneth Kaunda, Desmond Tutu, Mac Maharaj
16) It goes without saying that the global nuclear power use in not allowed.
17) Protect Israel’s cabinet first and then their people from any form of harm by the paedophile Neo-Nazi Bush.
18) Then every body get together and stabilise the theatre of war safe and render the region safe and noiseless so that ALL children can get some sleeps. ALL mums and dads to mingle with each other and be nice.
19) The BBC is ordered to play suitable music over all channels, and radio waves. Use the world service to inform the world as you see fit.
20) MOTOWN! UNIFY America and world.
21) Jim Lara, get proactive.
22) My adorable npr team of wait wait, its time America and world heard some of your stuff, so that we will become shoulder to shoulder.
23) Every body else who is capable of helping.
24) Any body demonstrating and getting together any place on Earth will be treated as paedophile Ptinces of Darkness (the same status Peter Madleson of Britain. He will be announced peiodicall on the BBC that he is a child abuser and the real Chief of NATO. NATO rapes the children of Germany, Italy, Britain, Turkey with the help of Turkish Army generals who are rapests themselves.) and will be locked up by your national police and security forces. So watch it
25) Arrest John Sauven of Greenpeace. Take to BBC and make him explain his objection about Heathrow terminal. Although we know the runway will be made, never the less the world will know that John Sauven knows nothing. Ask him to read his CV on air.
26) Professor Phillip Allen and her girl colleague are asked to go proactive. They should start with identifying the pseudo environmentalists.
27) Professor Bjorn Lomborg of Denmark can join Professor Allen, but only if he wishes to. Otherwise the respected professor should be left alone to be as he is

The above was for the world to read to instantly see what we are doing. Relevant people in 1) to 27), do it your way.

World people, you are all born free now. ENJOY!

Field Marshall Mohammad
For Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth of the world


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