Wednesday, 14 January 2009

European Gas and Afghanistan

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Hello Ukraine,

Hammurabi applies

We hear you receive the EU gas demand from Russia in full. That’s a lot of gas that you capably pumped through to Europe, prior to the current crisis. Operations must have smoothly, because the world heard no complaints.

The world also knows that entire global communications of any and all descriptions are entirely controlled by the SPHERE of evil and their equally linked giants such as Rupert Murdoch (he has not retired) and all of his, subsidiaries, links, and partners. His spider webs are not limited to those just mentioned. We will sort him out, because he is himself a SHERE OF EVIL.

There is something you say and does not make sense. We believe you are lying. There is no place in H.M’s dictatorship that runs the globe through us, for liars. Lies clash with Tutu’s truth. If he is proven wrong which be believe you are trying to do, then every built thus far will collapse. Then is that case, we detect involvement from the said EVIL. Let’s see who is lying:

You say the pressure is low in your system. This does not make sense if you know your basic hydraulics. First indication for low pressure is leakage in the system that causes the low pressure. Why didn’t you check this before making your announcement? Because we and millions of others immediately suspected one of the other causes: siphoning (not correct here engineers. Term used for thieves stealing fuel from cars) the gas for yourselves. How and why should we believe you? You remain a thief unless and until the little comments blog box tells us otherwise. Comment, then.

Until the little box up, we face you Hilary, Bush and Blair: When are you going to give up for goodness sake? Because you are dead and gone, we are amazed you still are actually wasting our invaluable time. You looked half dead on TV, we were told (not watching. Have better things to do), as if some one had died! Iraq to celebrate, Afghanistan, you know the Buda statues of Bamyan you blew away (you hate old), and stuff. No speech from Blair. You disgraced yourselves to the entire globe. We wonder what you will look like when seen on TV next time. Enough of this.

We have Afghanistan to do, believe it or not. This is the last place we wanted to go to if we had to at all. You see for yourselves:

Thank you Kazakistan for blogging. Connect with North Korea, and Pakistan.
Thank you North Korea for being the very first but questionable country with nuclear capability (black is white and vice versa) whom proved themselves to be plain sensible with loads of common sense. Here is how:

You saw that we half killed NATO, by linking then to paedophilia. Through that, we weakened the US at least psychologically, and indeed morally, it must be said. A to where they got moral from does not make sense, but we will not go there. Some of you would love there on the issue. Be our guests.

Only, when you saw a weak America, you announced that you would rather maintain what you have. You might have even said you may acquire more. We see no harm even if you made more. No worries. You trusted our authority over you, because of our track records of the past few weeks. We’ve been good. Simply put, in business landscape which we invite you consider the issue to be, then we are a salesman. The best there is.

We’ve been going around displaying our goods, sending samples very fast, field testing them, applying them to loads of enemies every, some of them real bastards, we tell you, and more.

For example, take just one of our WADS, or WEAPONS of ASS DESTRUCTION. We tried to sell it sell it to Blair, which instead of buying the damn thing, had us arrested, locked up and injected with drugs! Doesn’t make sense, does it? If he didn’t like it, he could have just let us go to our next client. And he’s been co waging wars. No wonder he looked like shit on TV.

Not only yourselves but the entire world was fortunate indeed to see us use one of our tiny WADs in South Africa. That brought calm instantly. You would have guessed by now that we are talking about the Zumafication of goddamned hot blooded South African counter fit ANC.

Here is another tiny weeny one: Oy, shove those guns up somewhere where the sun doesn’t shines. How about that for hitting the bulls eye?!

With that the world should be convinced not only for trusting us, but that you’ve meant no harm to any. Together (just self) will prove the US wrong. Wait and see.


Judges: Jimmy Carter/Nelson Mandela/Mac Maharaj/His Majesty The King of Sweden/Desmond Tutu/Kenneth Kaunda (MuliBwanji/Mulishani/Ay Nisha, Bwana Mkuba, Zikumo Kamberi. Zambia on of our 4 homes)

Judges are all Egham UN members including His Majesty the King and his Kingdom through qualification by rules defined earlier. Our administering Sweden provides security, peace of mind and a whole host of other benefits. Some are being enjoyed in the Middle East and elsewhere. Any where, really, come to think of it.

The prime minister of Sweden is advised to liaise with Major General Mohammad Aziz Hassas. Sweden his kindly offered our cousin/brother and his large family a comfortable home for many years, for which he and us are both grateful. The general is known in Afghanistan, with a political party and representation in Karzai’s parliament.

We also have Dr Asrhraf Ghani (Ahmadzai), the current Chancellor of University of Kabul and an ex Finance Minister in Karzai’s government.

Dr Gulwazir of the Swedish Aid for Afghanistan is yet another family member, and has a service record of possibly 15 years. Most of the time ha has been the director of logistics, distributing aid to afghan at points of need.

We appoint them all as our Egham UN members, and trust them to proceed and work. We further suggest that when they get together, they should formally approach Mr Karzai and introduce themselves before they do any thing. Mr Karzai himself is advised that he is under H.M Queen Elizabeth II’ benign, benevolent dictatorship. Blog explains and stresses that we have limitless powers at our disposal. Our weapons are revolutionary for wont of better word. For the time being, he will just have to take our word for it

For H.M. Queen Elizabeth II as described earlier

Mohammad also as described earlier

PS Afghanistan, sorted.
Middle East, what Middle East?


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