Sunday, 11 January 2009

Egham's St John Church Bells Rang

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Linguistic, religious, cultural and other barriers must not be allowed to jaundice perception of core issues

Your Majesty Queen Elizabeth II of The United Kingdom, Protectorates, and all Union Jack zones as defined in earlier post in this blog

We heard the 8 bells of St Johns in Egham Runnymede for the second consecutive mornings of 10 and Sunday 11 January 2009. On both occasions the bells rang at 00:45 hours GMT. The bells are situated on a Norman site.

We assumed the first to be serendipity owing to exchanges of a collective of knowledge between us and the American Administration, Washington DC. A serendipity rather than a coincidence, because the said knowledge exchanges which were on the subject of claiming back the acre of land in Egham partially described earlier, won the debate convincingly in favour of the United Kingdom, otherwise known as Great Britain. The debate was won by means of using arguments put forth in successive preceding blog posts herein.

We also record that we secured the safe transfer of the Union Jack and the Cross of St George from the custody of the British National Party, and submitting the same items to Your Majesty in due course.

Above all, our derivations in the absence of freedom of speech, and freedom of movement, has proven beyond doubt that Your Majesty have now given us Your Seal of Royal Consent, to empower us (Mohammad) acquire Constitutional Powers for me discharge our duties on you behalf. Our newly consented powers will then enable us execute duties pertaining to the acre of land and other duties to be specified as soon as possible.

Your Majesty, we trust that will accord us with the necessary Royal documentations to enable us discharge our newly assigned duties very responsibly indeed. Our fit for purpose role of Your Majesty’s Ambassador at Large has been bound effective thus far, and we recommend we adhere to it.

We have already derived positive outcomes for a born free Britain which we will publish at the earliest convenience to give Your Majesty and the nation our hard one and delightful news.

We are hurrying to publish this post to be instrumental in the humanly possible supply of Russian gas to the EU, including the current chair - THe Czech Republic, and Ukraine which is outside the EU. Our role in the supply has been the role the role Egham friendly Russia played. We had asked the Russian leadership to be our nuclear back up in our calculated nuclear equilibrium we had carefully placed to effectiveness through dependence on the Russian armament.

An incredible and historic mutual trust had earlier been established and solidified between Mohammad and the then president Vladimir Putin in blog Intelligences used to achieve this was a factor called ‘heart to heart’ which is a collective of complex knowledge so incomprehensible that world changing announcements made based on the said ‘heart to heart’ resulted in Mohammad’s arrest and detention under section 3 of the British Mental act.

The latter blog contains full records of details pertinent to ‘heart to heart’. The blog which was disbanded for reasons outside the scope of this post is hereby legally reopened for investigative, legal and constitutional purposes.

We now assure the government and people of Russia that the probable but quite real nuclear threat (Red Alert Mode), Mohammad was concerned about has now been removed by the very reliance we placed on our highly dependable people and government of Russia. Britain thanks you, as indeed the world does through our equation

wool + Mohammad + Facts = empowerment.

Empowerment means the necessary forces required for Mohammad to secure world peace plus hygiene in space at normal times as well as in Red Alert Modes.
President Medvedev and prime minister Putin may now play their parts in the resumption of gas supply under the terms they had signed mutually between themselves and any other parties concerned.

We deeply regret inconveniences our cautious and vitally necessary preventative measures for world security may have caused the people of EU and Ukraine. We take advantage of this communication to assure that we will maintain our super fast intelligence means at any time necessary to ensure world and European security during the global Force Majeure we enforced recently due to the break down of the global law and order, when we proved that George W. Bush and his Administration are Neo Nazis. Our shocking derivations and consequences are applicable to other US Administrations, US foreign missions, the UN and its organs, and other people throughout the world who will be exposed by super efficient intelligences and knowledge we possess.

The exception in the US is president Jimmy Carter who in association with Mr Nelson Mandela, Archbishop Desmond Tutu and others on our list of the born free Congress of 2009, who have all worked hard behind the scenes to help Mohammad reach his ultimate goal of making the whole world born free. People on the list are now formally introduced to your Majesty as Britain’s alternative provisional parliament after the exclusion of people who are not citizens of Britain.

Egham, newly empowered thus will continue to work in tandem with the existing but defunct Westminster parliament in the manner both parties have been working together since 17 August 2009.

Other matter: In an ironic turn of events, Cardinal Martino of the Vatican implicated his superior, His Holiness the Pope as a Neo Nazi, the blog records.

Assuring your Majesty of our best while in your service,

Mohammad Karim Ahamdzai,

Your Majesty's Ambassador at Large


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