Tuesday, 20 January 2009


Tell that fucking Arnie that if he doesn't tear up all his goddamned papers banning Perc, then I will be back.

ps. Perc dry cleaners world wide: Dry clean like hell id you want to. Shut all GreenEarth shops (all mine Dawn French), Hydrocarbon shit (Clinton design), and Liuid Carbon di Oxide (the are literal bombs on your streets, designed by LIDE (all mine) aand Angela Merkil).

I mean all the above actions will be done ordering people around.

While at it, get that paedophile right under your nose: The editor of Wired Magazine who mentioned dry cleaning to get on my band wagon. Well he can't. Because he is giving things FREE to your under 25s (all mine). Get the son of a bitch and shove all his wires where the sun doesn't shine. By the time you are throw with him, the the sun will be shining right through him.

A thank you from Dr Bob to you Egham UN (PD!)

Krim Ahmadzai
Team leader, earth projects


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