Saturday, 17 January 2009


Clive that 2nd job was a bloody let down. Shut the file.

Marvie Gay = Johny Cash. Think America. Think, world.

Now, you mother fuckers in Congo and similar palces even dissimilar places.

You are murdeing Albinos and selling body parts as medicine. Do you know who I want first? No? Well, I tell you;

That cunrt General (My ass. I show you what general is when thay drag you to egham, minus your fucking trousers.

If you do not hand your self to Kenneth Kaunda by mid day GMT tomorrow, you will be shot on sight, by the nearest gun in your geographical proximity. You are Chrged with rape of children. Thats good enough for me.

You see my justice scum bags any where on mother earth. Just come out with hands up. But you must first shove your own guns up your asses because my people will inspect. If guns are not shoved high enough, then they will beat the shit out of you first before blowing your brains, then and there.

Now, we can all sleep every where.

Honestly, all these weapons: Missiles that went half way to Baghdad. When over London (invading our air spcace), they were ordered by the fucking commander in-chief Bush to turn around and wipe his ass in the White House.

Then missile then returned guided by all sorts of crap sophisticated technology. Went round courners, missed the target and killed half a million innocent people.

Then you have planes they can see you but you cant them,or some such.

Junk metal, hey Michael Ignatieve in Canada, when you wrote "Tomorrow's Wars"?



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