Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Dictatorship enfoced with infinte powers

We worked hard to win wman=man=human.

To do that, I had to get rid of ex dead Norwegian Parrot, deceased, dumb moron rent boy of the Russian and Osborne and goodness knows who else.

He is alive! He did something with £20 million of my money. How did he do that while he knows that old America fucked Johny cash, let me see, dooby dooby , dooby fucking do snd stuff (you will remember this one for at least 700 years.

When you do that, come back and I will give you another £20 millions. No problems. Idiot. Go away, pest.

1+1=2 easy when you know how do things properly, really, think about it the rest of you.

Warren Buffet and Woody Allen, swimming trunks, under wear, and then walla. Came on the scene my swimming trunks with no pockets!

The small difference is

Yours have RED TAPE IN IT

Warning! Don't you ever, ever, make pockets in any thing! look what pockets did did to us (new joke)

Mine doesn't



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