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Desmond Quinn

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Read as Hamurabi Law Codes. Time is limited

So, Kevin Judith et al. Not only our fully completed skeleton fully fleshed up can talk, but ‘Sooty’ can too. Derivation proved that ‘Sooty’ told that his mother has Empowered us even more than before to exercise the said increased power at well with no outer limits so long as H.M remains under more than a half a century’s house arrest by the forces of SPHERE OF EVIL such as Peter Mandleson of Gordon Brown’s care taker government. ‘Care taker’ will be defined later.

Now, Egham UN and all United Kingdom 53 (?) police forces, excluding Northern Ireland, other national intelligence and security agencies. This is an order:

Get Desmond Quinn, not only a paedophile, but some body, possibly as powerful as the Prince of Darkness himself. We know exactly where he and are keeping vigil on him as much as we can. We will not tell you where he. We test our combined forces of intelligence to find Desmond on the UK main soil.

We suspect Desmond to be a paedophile.

We will only provide detailed steps of the police enter with him and leave it at that.

1) Two or 3 weeks ago, 2 police men knocked on Desmond’s left hand side neighbour’s door and asked if the neighbour (man) knew where his neighbour was. The answer was no. The police men went away.
2) Later the same day, when Desmond arrived in his silver Vauxhall Astra (?), the neighbour informed him that the police was looking for a couple of hours earlier. Desmond just volunteered to tell the neighbour that Desmond knew why. He added that the police were looking for a missing child. Desmond said he didn’t know any kids in the neighbourhood, or their names.
3) Desmond leaves the house at random, days and some night and away from a couple of hours to half a day.

What caused the police to look for Desmond in the first place?...
Why was Desmond so confident with the neighbour?
Why have the police not been back?

We also claim that ‘sooty’ tells us that Harry is not stupid to wear a Nazi uniform without being aware of the hurt he will cause in Jews. Simpler still, Harry has not come from another planet to be so unaware. Did they not educate his with any thing worth while? Did he not watch any Hollywood block buster Hollywood must have produced in their scores? Is Harry a Japanese soldier hiding in the jungle, only to come out and be certain, the war was still on.

This Harry character is certainly a character the nation and world demands to see on the BBC or Jon Snow’s Channel 4 News (no other Channel 4 programmes, please. We are not stupid) as soon as they can gear up, but consult the ‘window dressing’ defunct care taker (there you go) government.

Meanwhile, demand, Phillip (HRH), Anne, Andrew, Edward, Camilla (specially her), William (2nd in line), Zara Phillip, wives of all them including Fergie, even the Corgis to ensure we leave none of the Royals out, must speak to us drip feed the way ‘Sooty’ bravely did.

History will record this Historic day, Chris that the future freed this nation and more today. Chris, you take care of time date and other constitutionally required items for future use. You are the new UN member. Here is more of what sooty did. By the way, good old ‘Sooty’. All these years and we had no idea what he could do one day:

‘Sooty’ told us that Harry, wore the Nazi uniform 3 years ago crying for help. No one heard, no one saw, no one felt, no one touched. Not because they couldn’t, but because the Prince of Darkness et al had so much power over us, all 60 million of us that the use of our god given human senses were removed from Harry and the rest of us.

Can any one imagine how much Harry alone suffered in the 3 years? Can any one imagine how much the 60 million of us suffered in the last 3 years?

Then, the prince of darkness and others sent Harry to Afghanistan to see for himself that the Prince of Darkness and others were indeed killing British soldiers and Harry couldn’t do bugger all about it. What is this Harry character made off?

To gauge the total of the material, moral, ethical, philosophical and all other costs, the Superbly Empowered Ambassador at large will calculate his own from the blog and multiply it by 60 million. Since the whole world has suffered thus, the said Superb Ambassador (that Superb bit could have been left out but the bloody mouse pusher stepped in. Humans, research says, wisely. Got that?) will multiply his unit cost by 7 billions (including the 1 billion Catholics your Holiness. What’s the big deal about only 2 fuck ups in 700 years. It looks good when put this way, doesn’t it? Well, there you go then).

Then the Ambassador derived that Americans are killing the British, blaming Taliban. Then research met with facts on the ground. Harry met Mohammad (not Sally), and Bob’s your aunty (after the ops, of course), The Prince of Darkness shitted his pants.

Now then, were we? Oh, yes, Mr president – elect, as you know, we are doing the saying now, and say this: We quite logically request you think about not sending the 30,000 Americans to kill more British solders, or we will kick your ass. This is what shoulder to sholder could be like. We are inexperienced, but have 60 years to do a hell of lot better.

Next, you might to organise just one more press conference for Bush, a whole offer of it to expand on his freedom war, the Iraqi, and Afghan democracies, the gassing of the Kurds (the empire did it), and more beside.

Please Keep April Glasby alive to tell us that America encouraged Saddam to invade Kwuait. Phone call on U Tube. Anthony Wedgewood Ben was in some of the meetings, and we know how he can tell things (bulls eye).

Read as Hamurabi Law Codes.


HMs etc.


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