Tuesday, 20 January 2009

The Power of Oblisk was destroyed by Fish!!

Fish=Colon Powell=Condalisa Rice=American Bed Rock

America Bed Rock, welcome Fish invite them to join you.Dear America and world, the dignified man's name is Colon, not Colin. Colon means one's back passage, where Dicks, and Cocks that drove in and out of them at well through paedaphialia terrorsied world's people in their billions. Obolisks are the symblols of these "demcocrcaies" and it remains the Imperial symbolism to rape.

Well tonight, I got rid of their biggest One In DC, and the Nelson's DiCK in Trafalgar square. Easy peasy.

I then join you with Bed Rock Britan

Unite and laugh at all the Oblisk with commpliment of Howard ... who swalled some, suck, and he was buggered with some of them. The sun now shines right through him.

When I caught him, I made him an honarary black to solve science's mystery of swallowing things: Black Holes.

Let me record here that they were so powerful tonight that they produced a buzzing sound in my bedroom . No aounds there. I said "FUCK YOU" and continued to dress and inspect Egham, Staines, Feltham, and Hounslow to test their power or just to expect calm. There was calm every where, but fierce battle continued.

I had a road in mind to go buy some Kabobs. They made the Road disapper! I tried and tried, bur wasn't there!!!!!!!!!!!! later I told Mustafa my nephiew and he is a witness. I told them they really haven't got it, have they? "DON'T MESS WITH ME". Back in my room prior to my leaving, the made my wallet disappear. I stood my ground until let go. I left home with my wallet.

Mustafa'a flat is my stronghold. So I decided to set a duel. 2 of us against thelot of them, all over the world. I tried to phone Mustafa to buzz me in. They had jammed my mobile! Kupt, Blue Norwegian Fucking parrot. I targeted a couple of cars in the car park and decided to go on the offensive if the people in cars were Oblisk people. I went and made a complete prat of myself and asked them if they knew why my phone wasn't working. They said no. I said sorry (Probability of 1 in 7 billion!)

Came back to the door. Tried my mobile. Rang some one for help (mobile problems). The phone rang. Mustafa answered. I was stunned. I asked him why do answer some one elses call. I didn't call you. He said, oh yes I did, Oh no. Any way I decided that Monty Python carry on theselves, and I went up to watch Afghan TV. What a delghtful change if the people knew my code. Little cheap psychological thngs like Showing Ahmad Zahir,s memorable music, a minute or two of it. Broadcast is from America. Then they BLACK ened it, to deprive people's Born Free spirit. Then the continue Ahmad Zahir's clip for 10 os so seeconds. Then, finally they cut it, like a butcher axe. Hope was chopped. FUCK you black holes.

Trevor is a witness to all but Mustafa realted stories.
Done and dusted off again to induce heart attacks. Bull's eye!
Drawn line under it.

Now steve steve Wim? mate. Reorded your message on my mobile phone, but couldn't confirm earlier. I was bowing the NELSON COLUMN and studying balck holes too.

Baz. I confirm We spoke once yesterday, and I have recorded both voice mails.
While inspecting Hounslow, I was day dreaming at the traffic lights on A30, still stationary with a ploice car behhind me. They flashed their lights, and and a white police officer appraoched the car if I had dome something wrong (Knowing damn well I had). I said I was day greaming. We shook hands very firmly indeed and he let know. Nice and polite. So was I, I think. The officer to comment use 'be as you are'.
Done and dusted. Line drawn under it.

Clive, Brown says the £ dropped again, an 8 year low record. Its it didn't hurt.

Now, this Obilisk was so much fun, I will go and look for more. It grows on you, you know.

Karim Ahmadzai
Team leader, earth projects


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