Thursday, 15 January 2009

David Milliband

David Milliband said that War on Terror is misleading. He said other things too. But I will analyse what he meant to say but couldn't in million years.

Our research with 20 years back up, interprets david Milliband saying as War by Terror is the accurate description. This means that those who waged the said
war are the terrorists themselves.

Blog recorded weeks, may be earlier and derived the term State sponsored/administered terrorists. It tkes a child to agree with the derivation.

David's coded message = Blog findings = the Bush administration.

We back David 100 per cent, and confirm now that the UK government's foreign secretary believes that The Bush administarion are indeed state sponsored terrorists.

UN's Clive Anderson and team: This has huge implications for the shoulder to shoulder relationship of the old. Its bottom line is that the State Sponsored/adminstered Terrorist Bush + the governemnt are diametriaclly opposed in theoritcal derivation of the term.

Bush the terroist administered president and Brown opposing the principle are fighting together in Iraq and Afghanistan. Therefore, the British government is forced to sacrifice a core principle and fight liteally for America.

I conclude that the Bush Administarion is charged with a whole host of entitties pertaining to the Iraqi and Afghan campgins. Our boys and girls were and are being killed (Prince Harry comes on scene. Ref: Blog post) for America but by America when they refused. The latter a principle part of Neo Nazi Philosophy also practised by the Bush Admin in Israel. To remind readers, if Israelis dont kill Arabs, than Bush will kill Israel.

This is getting interesting. Further steps will bring the Pope, the Chinese, the Coloubians killing Afghans, Israelis and Arabs (Gaza). No wonder there is such a confusion out there.

So the pressure on the Brown cabinet is exerted by the Chinese, the Pope, the Columbians, and a lot more to toe the line fronted by Bush. A gynormous amount of power indeed. This applies to all cabinet portfolios. A sector on one side super charged by the Prince of Darkness and most of the world, and Brownites all by themselves on the other hand. That was the past.

The presnt: Most of the Prince of Darkness super, super, and super power have been removed by the Field Marshall in a matter of hours.

Now, watch your screens, nation: Any body opposing Brown will be picked up and locked as soon as spaeaks.

See what happens to test my derivation. This will glue you to your screens.

Not impressed, your majesty? Well, I am trying my best, but its the whole damned world Mam. Its not only here. You were joking, were you? Indeed Mam. Whatever you say, we serve, with pleasure.

Field Marshall Mohammad

For Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II of the world


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