Monday, 5 January 2009

Breakthroughs at last!

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A number of wonderful breakthroughs have come to light, and we had to spoil every one’s fun and return to the station to take action and make heaps of progress.

We have anecdotal evidence from Australia and British sheep farmers who are ready to do things and become proactive.

To Australia we say your facts and figures are impressive, but we knew that. You didn’t have to convince us. Please go ahead and liaise with Mr Henrik Kuffner who doesn’t know your news. You don’t have to do any thing to keeps us posted. We will know. FAO and team IYNF will cooperate. Action from top to bottom proved effective (crumbling from within). There will be confusion as to who should do what at the FAO. Their teams and programmes made for pre economic downturn are defunct now. You just lay down your programme on sheep wool with regards to allowing room for other fibres except cotton. Otherwise, you are in-charge and you can do a far better job of it than we can, obviously. It is your field.

President-Elect Obama, you and team are called for at this stage, as per the schedule of our work this end. We have come to know that intelligences we employ have met with your approval, as our track record to date may indicate. We over here need to take some bold action now to continue making progress. Our 2 sides will have to trust each other, because of sensitive information we need to share with you, the team and indeed the world. We need to explain:

We defined and qualified our ‘facts’ to empower wool to remove obstacles unrelated to wool. Our facts were complimented with the list of academics we detailed in an earlier post. We assumed an understanding between us that naming them to you will have guaranteed their security in terms of removing likely threats from the Empire that had shut them up all these years. Our intelligence indicates that our assumptions were correct, and that you will protect them.

Your task is a mammoth one. If our academics can high light huge problem areas that you need not get involved at all had it not been for the outgoing administrations neglect of duty and spitting at face of public health and its founding fathers Chadwick, Sir Joseph Bazelgette, Snow, Jenner et al, and indeed the likelihood of infecting space, then we have given you the best team qualified for the job. The fact that they are multi nationals, then why not keep them on board in an innovative way that we can see suits you and your style. After all, the world has become a global village and we just sent you some of our villagers.

Do you know something Barack? You do? Oh good. Then tell the others about it! Afghan joke! No, seriously, have you wonderd yet who the hell is this guy doing all this stuff, and why? And that it is none of his business and why doesn’t Gordon Brown put him away? Believe us, it occurs to us when we write each paragraph and at times feel deeply embarrassed about it all. We often ask god “why us, why not some one else”? Wool quickly consoles us that what we do has got nothing to do with us. Research takes one to places and tasks not known hours earlier. One can suppose the readiest example of Curruther’s inventing Nylon while in search of something else.
A simple curiosity about dry cleaning not being fit for purpose, challenged us to change the world, and we are trying to do just that? Who would have thought? And why on earth should we get involved not only to express views on Churchill but end up getting rid of him!

So, now we repeat the process and add more sources of reference whom we wish to be protected in a likewise manner. We will have revealed more secrets of our intelligence gatherings over the years, and will continue to do so permanently. You should think this is hard to follow, shouldn’t you? We know, and can explain that these are an entrepreneur’s way of problem solving that most others don’t understand. After all, we make up only 4% of our population and no wonder we are odd balls. Whatever way, we produce results, some times, extraordinary ones.

To continue, let us explain thus: Now that we revealed that we may be in touch with the Australians and the sheep farmers, we need to and in fact must reveal our sources without which revelations we will not be able to operate in future. That will have to suffice, we fear. So, here is the list whose interests and activities in their entirety must come under your administration’s protection at all times. This would be in addition to safeguards that we have in place already:

The BBC global organisation
Channel 4’s Jon Snow’s news casting team, national and global,
The British Commonwealth Secretariat and national offices including Mozambique
The British Council’s global offices
Oxfam International
Professor Bjorn Lomborg of Denmark (environment), subject to his acceptance. He may feel free to refuse without any obligation whatsoever
Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine
Royal Holloway University of London
University of Surrey, and it’s Technology Park, Guildford, Surrey
London College of Fashion’s Dillys Williams and colleagues
Saville Row
Brunel University
University of Creative Arts UK
NISE, of NHS, HM’s Government, UK
Bernard O’brien of Discovery Beach, Australia (investor)
Barnaby Wynter of Comms Unit (branding, logos and marketing)
Ian Parris, Technical Associate
Scottish Enterprise
The Scottish Government (Education and Schools)

The above are some, with whom we have either been working or they have received data from us in confidence. Either way, we are honoured to cite them as our associates (we are a dry cleaner despite what we may have been earlier on in life). More will follow when we cover other fields.

Before we get on to acknowledging news from the sheep farmers, we would like to stress that intelligences of mind boggling nature have been formulated over the years. They are all British born/based/specific, and as such, intellectual property rights (Professor Francis Robinson of Royal Holloway) belong chiefly to CCCC Limited. If these intelligences can be converted to commercial reality, then their developments will be under taken by teams to be yet appointed.

Us two working together, president – elect Obama will be a good test bed to realise how effective our product really is. We can only find out as we proceed. Actually, we have a test already and covers our saying at the onset of this post that we will be bold. We may have misled some leaders if they have been reading our blog. In one post, we grouped Egypt together with the EU. That was a joke and we really regret making it. We meant that Egypt thinks she is a part of the EU, but actually shouldn’t be thinking so.

That was a warning for all not to contact Egypt as a peace emissary for the current Gaza crisis. Mubarak, we are compelled to say now (hence bold) is a converted Roman slave. European leaders swarming around him will only bring the Empire in the new solution seeking, which they will destroy.

Bluntly put, the Empire is unethical, immoral, blood thirsty etc, and in no way is interested in solving the Arab Israeli conflict in a million years. Wool’s strongest advice is that the Evil Empire’s historic role must either end now (impractical and hence nearly impossible) or allowed to run its course till 19 January. Then, your administration, president – elect Obama will need to start with a clean slate with radically new approaches.

Wool’s concern is that deals of a permanent nature may be made in Egypt based on Evil plans of the out going Emperor (oh yes) that may leave residual heavy boulders for you to deconstruct and dispose off. Such deconstructions will ignite old flames between parties in conflict for which there may not be easy answers ready for speedy utilisation. For example, new solutions in Egypt will contain references to countless UN resolutions and future progress based on a very complicated case history. Wool says get rid of the history. Start afresh. Note the theory of parallel lines we put forth in an earlier post.

This will help: Doesn’t any one know that there is no Alqaeda in Egypt? None at all. How come and why not? Is Egypt impenetrable to Alquaeda? Does Mubarak have a better security system for detecting Alqueda approaching his boarders? If so, why doesn’t he offer it to Iraq for application? The reality is that Alqaeda is where the Empire wants Alqaeda to be. Alqaeda, like Hollywood, AIDS, Churchill and all the rest of them is a tool of the empire to terrorise the world with.

Alqaeda is a creation of the blood thirsty Empire, wool is convinced.

Now that none of the dignitaries got our joke, let us explain a bit more. If Israel has an impressive war machine more than capable of defending Israel, than the Empire has perhaps scores more, designed to confront the Eastern block. When the Eastern block crumbled, the materialle worth trillions became worthless over night. The Empire either had to sell it to scrap metal dealers or confront another massive foe.

There weren’t any. Islam and its vast geographical spread was a tailor made alternative. All the Empire needed to do was to invent Alqueda and plant it every where, strategically so that the weaponry could be utilised and spent at an optimum rate of consumption. That way, market value of assets will have been retained, consumables used, and jobs maintained in the US and elsewhere. Further derivation is omitted but may not be required. Where else is Alqaeda - free and why. Any way, keep an open mind. We will not force you to accept our derivation which in fact is not ours at all. We just modified it. The author is Michael Ignatief (his Tomorrow’s Wars). He is a noted Canadian politician as most of you know. Michael is added to the list of our associate, but have a feeling he may decline the invitation owing to obvious sensitivities.

What does the above analysis tell you about the Palestine/Israeli conflict? Consider consumption rates of consumables on both sides. Get a record of logistics from the IDF and the Palestinians. It is feared that one instant’s cognital input will indicate that Israel may be following the Empire’s model of using war as business. How many years ago could this problem have been resolved, president – elect Obama? So, we may coin a phrase: People of the world, look at what America can do to you, not for you!

Note: Mr Ehlmut (Israeli PM) may know and trust us from earlier blogs this year. He was told in no uncertain terms that the US was no friend. We are almost certain he accepted our derivations in April or May. He may be wishing to do things differently. Is he over powered and overruled by others? If we are correct, then he will now have our support to remain calm and stop the army do more crazy things, and that may help him become a stabilising factor in Isreal?

The timing to release this post may be questioned by some. Wool and mouse pusher work from a world map where there are potential tensions every where. We have done the best we can, believe us.

Now, the sheep farmers may have used British sense of humour to reach us. They used pig farmers to speak for them. If a joke, we get it. Muslim, pig, bacon, and the fact that the pig is bald and has no wool. We know. We’ve touched one, actually, but didn’t eat it.

If the idea was that the sheep farmers are too afraid to get in touch direct, and fooled the pig farmers to do their dangerous job, then the joke is on the pig farmers. Or we could be just talking rubbish. However, we think the sheep farmers are serious, and they just wanted to let us know that they have become proactive. Well, brilliant. Get on with it. If our ideas help in terms of getting UK youth et al (blog posts) to form Survival Clubs, promoting mutton through HRH the Prince of Wales trust or contribute to the knitting café, then that is fine, too.

What you might all like to do now is encourage the BBC and Channel 4 if they do a feasibility study of sheep farming relates subjects. There may be vacuums created by routine programmes having become irrelevant owing to variations in the nation’s new demands for something different.

We are aware that you may be working in parallel with the Australians. Whatever that may mean, both parties may view opportunities with positive outlooks. Wool has suffered long enough. Get united is what wool would say. OK?

In fact we have more good news too. We heard earlier on that young people suffer from mental illness more then the nation knew, and the Princes Trust is helping. We have ‘the knitting recipe’ for alleviating depression and reducing chronic physical pains as it happens. We may issue a post on the subject later today before we resume our interrupted field work and having fun.

Here is the last of our intelligence work and it is on the subject of Churchill. President – elect Obama and advisors, although new in affairs of governance and related issues will appreciate the speed with which we make this announcement. We literally exploded a political bomb unexpectedly in the national politics-escape, received feed back, analysed it, and now publish the result. All done and dusted in a matter of a few hours in an Empire where the masters of technology and human resources have switched off the world. We still got our feed back through. The incumbent may analyse that.

The result is that the noble nation of Britain is approving of Wool’s views that Churchill indeed is a tool of the Empire to terrorise the nation. Clear, convincing and concise. Pretty good, isn’t it Barrack? Still, as we said, keep an open mind. We are certain you will gauge echoes back home, huh? We will too, from this our first home.

Cheers, so long partners. Use calm leadership, Barack

Mohammad 


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