Sunday, 18 January 2009


Lets see now:

Geneticlly modified scandal that you got UK press to suppress (Is it Furgie or Fergie? Any way none of them matter. we are doing something completely different). By the way, we all know you control the UK press, the BBC, Channel, Rupet Murdch, and too many others to mention. It was about GM controvery that the press can't about.

Genes from the Scorpain poison and Genes from cod that allow it to withstand sub zero tempratures to name but 2 of the genes. We will come back when we again to look at your power pack. These genes are put in soya very cleverly indeed.

And then, the soya goes in the bread. Bread has never had soya in it's recipe. So why did you start putting it in the bread? Unless od course you changed the history too. Oh, by the way, are the GM crops that are grown particularly in the area around Salisbury, MOD land, the cause of the death of the diminished sparrowe population? We thought we will help, so that you could cross that one off your list.

There is council estate in Felt Ham called sparrow farm,but no sparrows. That is rediculous. Change the name quickly before the people find out. We won't tell them if you won't.

Before we forget, why put it in all our bread? You could have started with a couple. Any way, what dowe know?

Trev. lets go find out the resr of Fergie's Masonic Power pack which is a load of crap any way.

Fergie, this time, we really won't come back? Don't you trust us.


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