Wednesday, 14 January 2009



I can’t rerst. Am I dealing with morose or am I mentally ill? I ma certainly not he latter, soo they must all be morons.

Chris, you wrk! We tell you. Record itr any way. They wouldn’t beliweve our history tp futer it sounds worse than the onse we just hrew out. We did it together!!!!

Look, you teel them when was it that some one form over there cane over here (Slves?). Banaki came to DOWMING street!!!! ….!!!! . ‘We are doing the asying’

Look, weare going to take America again if they don’r understand. We have Commonwealth of Virdina. We put a Union Jack on iy and expent our authroty all over the place including Okinawa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. We rthe n srart a new one with thrt fcukin Japanese.

They will have to bring Mars here to pay? There is nothing left here. Any way they tell us something wgizzing the moon found rocks on Mars! We shouldn’t fuckinf hope so after spending money. Any way, haven’t they told us before.

Record it ant way, Chris. How will any one believes us.



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