Friday, 9 January 2009

Big time Neo Nazi propagandist exposed

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1)UN spokeswoman in Jerusalem is a Neo Nazi specific/born/related/based powerful propaganda tool for promoting Neo Nazi Bush causes. Our research rejects her claim of the 30 Palestinian deaths she reported at 00:04 hours GMT on BBC news today, Saturday 10 January 2009. Her voice should be ignored until she is removed from office

2) We have ample data to prove Ban Kee Moon as Bush’s glove puppet, and hence promoting Neo Nazism. Ban Kee Moon is not authorised to make further announcements on any thing. If he does then Runnymede will note and he will be tried for crimes against humanity at the very least

3) FAO was tested by our map staining. It is infested with Neo Nazi agents, and is announced defunct

4) Ditto but WHO

5) Ditto but UNHCR

6) Ditto but ILO

7) Ditto but IATA (The air transport wing)

Do remember world that while these people and arms of the UN go about their business and carry on with the status quo, we understand and tolerate them. But that is all. They will remain accountable to our future Universal Courts of Human Rights or whatever we called it earlier. The one in Holland is a joke, but they can carry on, while they can.

There is no need to dig into map staining other UN organs, most importantly, the UNESCO, and UNICEF who deal with the affairs of the young, education, world culture and heritage to establish them as the most fatal of cancers and Zambezi crocodiles to either kill us slowly or devour us whole.

So, UNECO does the world heritage sites, do they now? Have they heard of the Hammurabi Law Codes? Do they know how important it is? To be kind to UNESCO, let us say they have not heard of just one of the whole humanities heritages.

Therefore, UNESCO is at least, illiterate, arrogant and ignorant. Consequently, they are unfit for purpose, and the laughing stock of the whole world. Laugh world until wool + facts zoom in on UNESCO.

We have offered the world ample reasons to consider the UN as the least qualified institution to suit the needs of our 21st century world. Its Neo Nazi based/specific/born/related, and is hereby brushed to the compost heap of history. We will use the methane for energy, and the compost to spread to Runnymede grounds of the newly proposed UN of future.

While on the subject of screening the big ones, we expose Amnesty International as one of the biggest Neo Nazi tools that the world should be frightened about. We should know. While being treated the way we had been, and it’s delayed waves will wash away the likes of Phillip Hammond MP, we also wrote and begged Amnesty International to come to our rescue. Boy, did we write? We were ignored. Need we say more?

Still, if we have made one of our wildest assumptions (you may have noticed a few) of say assuming one angle in a triangle to be 500 degrees, then AI are given a fair opportunity to defend themselves in this very blog. Shall we give them a month with respect for those who think very highly of AI? The longer AI takes to offer comments, the more disreputable they will have become. Watch this space, and the little blog comments window.

If we have not pointed out others, it does not mean we do not know them. We will peel off successive layers like an onion as we make progress. Reform or be exposed, sooner or later.

We will be away for a couple of days, but availabe to publish from elsewhere in cases of emergencies only. If we could just finsih with something obvious then we will: We may come across as a broken record to some. It is not us. Research dictates timing. Got it, clever Aleck?


For Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II


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