Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Banks, YOU LEND!

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All banks and branches in Britain,

This is a dictatorial directive. Do take it seriously and act as told.

You pretend not to know that you are humiliating the struggling prime minister and his chncellor to please your criminal and peadophile American Empire of the old. You are resisting to accept Her Mjesty's new government. That is equivalent to your raising two fingers at me.

If you mean that, then you already trested as a paedophile just as George W. Bush you previous paedophile master who will be dealt with sooner than you think.

The core issue is you not lending money to people and BUSINESSES. I have made this nation and country richer than it has ever been in its enitre histroy. If you continue not to pay people (never mind what people. Just people will do for you scum bags) you will be meted with new emergency punitive measure specifically tailored to meet your crimes against the entire 60 million of us. This is a warning from all of us. We are judges, juries and executioners.


Field Marshal Mohammad

For Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II of the world.


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