Sunday, 18 January 2009

As you are, all 7 billion of you, easy does it. Result is still briliant

Suuma Assurance.

Im at ease now. No hurry. I am ealted 'sub human era word, but I have safe, in case some of you disagree and ger shocked). So be as you are. This is SUOMo, yes? Good. OK, then.

Sub human was assumed as my wild card in case I need one. I do now. Sub human does not exist. Proof: Think animal. I think, better than subhuman (remain open for debate). Play safeand think sick animal, and danger to other life. Say rabid dog.

We are philosophising on god even whether or not exists. So, if this derivation is new to you, then enjoy. because if the theory in new, you shouldn't feel panic, fear and similar. No violence will result, and peace is maintained, because of my WILD CARD!!Yeppeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!(still open to debate. Oh, yes!)

It is now 3:39 GMT,and I am already receiving happiness. It come from you. Confirms Works so far including all data sent to you when the bells rang!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bingo, bulls eye. Now, you know my Suma. I hope it gives each of you whtever that that individual's logical wishes are. All 7 billion of you. one vote one human takes new meaning which is devastatingly sweet, if you each like sweet. Have nothing else to offer. It means a human just out of the womb has i vote!!!! Sufficient convincing already to hand to celebrate, proof will be sought if possible. Here is cloud number X (variable): 50% of adult cerebral cabililties at age 5. Getting warmer? A baby just out of womb has full adult rights. This eliminates 'Sub human' laws of different things at different ages. Now whether a 1 day old baby can go to office and buy 2 littres vodka bottles will provide sheer fun for our new exciting work.

So out goes: You can be buggered at 14, but can't vote till 18. What Jokers they were.

I lost track, but team, tie this in with above:

So, we had a rabid dog. To save other healthy and fully functioning life, we need to kill to rabid dog. The killing of the animal thu derived, gives me what I like to save my pillars of reliance of Mandela, Carter, Kaunda, Tutu, and Historic record holder beauty Karen of Virginia Commonwealth.

Carter, Tutu, and Karen have concurred. So, pass, pass, and pass.
Kaunda and Mandela havent. I am alarmed, but Sub Humans still undead (?) , then let them get this:

I am happy withese three any way,but I want the other 2. Greed, you see (may be new, and hence useful to us). Also, concerned for their lives. See the psychology to drug their fealthy minds with they have been injecing us for 10,0000000000000000 years. We must change history. Bingo). Now, god forbid if Mandela and Kaunda are dead, no problem (philosophy), how much of a loss to us, then the subhumans wish tyey were not born.

Is suoma Good? No. Don't want, much, you? Dear, oh, dear. Go find some body else, then. See if I care. But tell you what? Your feedbacks are spot on with whats going on here. Bingo.

Work above approved by all humans, will draw a line under it. But first, just think efficiency, speed,and all else with the old system.

Cloud number X - 1. Good. It is now 4:09

I tell you what. I will stop now. Get some sleep. Then I must, repeat must spend social time with my people. I need it. The accuracy of next stages depend on it. I need to recharge my batteries.

A gold nugget coming your ways, and catch it: Family unity can save 7 billion lives and earth! Debate among you tell fighting neibours already. "Your rows could destroy the planetr!!! That will send them thinking, don't you?

Cloud X - 2.


No feedback from David, Helen, and Jag. Not worried. They can take 1,000 years not know or reply. The are useless. One way to put it if they think I am an idiot. DONT MESS WITH ME. You have put project security at risk. Drop old values. Ours are based on common sense, and I can read you 3 like the back of my hand. Now, hear those phones ring. I won't answer. Got it?

Cloud X - 3. Lesson: Playing games from the world we just left will make redundant in the new one for at 1000 years. OK?

Jacob and Baz have given no feed back. I cannot apply the same rules to them. Break up of my marriage has cause hurt. This is how we are paynig.

Gold nugget: Divorce need be looked at in fresh light because we qualtified one deep hurt.

Only Mustafa has given positive hope, however small. He has asked me to spend the day with him. He insisted I come (!). I have reasons to bank on this.

With that, I may not be back in station till Tuesday lunch. However, I am communicating every minute, some how. Dpend on to assure you. But We have achieved enough to let you out there in charge.

But here comes the most amazing thing you have heard. My joy is that you already know it:

I created 1,000, may be 100s of thousands of myself among you every where and are doing what I am doing, quantatively (my knowledge not needed. I have an army of peace out there who can hurt others, physicall, just using fists. Don't make their days? Right Avvaz and Oxfam? Avaaz beacuse they created the winchester Bells ringing I didn,t. Ha ha Got ya! So they are me.

Oxfam because I am Oxfam. Ref: Volunteering work in my own litte Egham Oxfam shop (2003?) when I was institutionalsed, drugged, and humiliated so much so that Gianna Tampbourini, my then social worker, ditto but Jamie McCeod (Oxford Uni) will tell you. I was devastated as a result of 2 years at the hands of mental health. I needed Gianna to take me shopping. I Didn,t know what I wanted, or even where I was. There was no where to go. People thought I was mad.

Then I walked to Oxfam. They didn't laugh. They nursed me. I was sorting out clothes, enjoying cigarate breaks at the back of the shop. Then I became fitter and fitter. I am now doing this. So Oxam is I and I am Oxfam. Don't mess with us, even though neither of us are god (s). Analyse that!

Cloud X - n

karim is coming home Oxfam

Team leader, earth projects. (Title may be needed in the derivation of god, no god, singular, or plural, I just know at this stage)


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