Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Any one smell gas out there?


Ass kicking born free Field Marshall Mohammad here. Its too quite every where. Hit it and UNIFY us even more.

We are cool and strong and can outlast and out wait the child abusing Butchers. Make noise.

Back any time but keeping vigil over lovely home, earth.

Field Marshall Mohammad
For Queen Elizabeth II

Spain, South Korea, Italy, Germany every where. We are here for you every second. Sorry, I was for quite a while. I had to sort out something and I am back now. Consider me sitting next to each and every one of you dishing out hope, love, truth, and all things nice. Qualities the filthy world children abusing vicious butcher. They have raped kids every where.

Be with me in your thoughts. That will give you the strength I have and that will demoralise the coward beast no end.

Hit Motown

Love to all of the kind the number one woman in the history of world got.


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