Saturday, 10 January 2009

Ace of Spades

Post number 63:

Oh joy, dearest professor Zaha Hadid (we don’t know or have ever seen or spoken to each other),

The British Army and national unity Iraqi’s of Basra liberated Iraq tonight at about 01:15 GMT when we heard. We hadn’t forgotten you or Iraq for a minute of every day since our encounter with the now proven Neo Nazi borne/related/based/specific Al Malaki and the Neo Nazi installed 1/4 to 1/2 at best Iraqis.

We believe you, a humble Iraqi women who may have benefited from the type of education, to some extent, that Saddam’s education may have contributed, can sort out Iraq single handedly! We will be insulting your intelligence if we said more, except this:

We have shown you our card in this blog. You don’t have to show us yours. Compare the cards, and we will be damned if they both did not turn out to be the Ace of Spades…

If that is the case, then Iraqi women, whom Saddam also made and they are currently teaching at Iraqi universities, will give British soldiers roses with love when they all leave Iraq later this year.

Women of the world, it is your turns NOW to show us men how can you do things better. Help our dearest professor, born in Iraq on the 31 October, 1950. But wait a minute. Why not us men give you a run for your money. We may then REALLY prove that we indeed are equal. Go humanity, go.

We are winners, not quitters, dearest professor, and thank Your Lordship Peter Mandleson, Sir (an extra one from us).


For Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II of where ever the Union Jack flies as whole flags, or parts thereof on other nations’ flags, except the domain and influences of the British National Party who have deliberately insulted The Union Jack and the Cross of St George, in collusion with the Neo Nazis all along our recent humiliating and shameful history.

PS Mr Khalid Mashall of Hamas: Hub ul watan e Minal EEmaan is not necessarily religious but cultural in the Islamic world. We (Mohammad) deeply believe in it as the world can see how fight for our country and places where the Union Jack flies. We see it an insult for foreign troops to be on our British soil. We will remove them with their air bases, military bases in Aldershott and elsewhere. We will also load up their nuclear leaking Jupiter missles on their transpoter planes, they installed on ous soil; and send them back to America. They are polluting our environments, and expose us to nuclear attacks by say, lets see now. Got it, who else but the Iranians.

Please expand and tell the world that with philospohies above, Mohammad's Union Jack terretories (incuding Canada for example where parts of the Ahmadzai family live plus Virgina Commonwealth Univerity, if they believe in Mohammad's philosophies. This is in exchange for the acre of land in Runnymede... Let us exchange so that we don't have to upset Her Majesty's routines with trivia like this) = Iraq = palestine = Syria = Somalia = Lebanon (with the Cristians benefitting) = Iran = Pakistan = the entire Arab Muslim world = Pakistan = Afghanistan = Indonesia = others we may have left out. We are too busy and haven't the time. You step in Mr Mashall. You wouldn't whatwe may do later today! We may sort out some global giants and justly, morally, and ethically take their monies for our research funds.

We all hate the presence of foreign troops on our soils, no matter how some of our respective leaders have allowed foreign troops on their soils, yes Your Majesty, Your Highness the King of Saudi Arabia (deepest non religious respect to you, Your Majesty)?


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