Wednesday, 10 December 2008

A shift in design philosophy

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We cannot remain ignorant of the fact that our continued efforts to attract seed capital for the purchase of our shop will all be in vain for the foreseeable future. The expression ‘as safe as a bank’ has lost its age old meaning, has deep implications. No one trusts banks, banks don’t trust each other, and investors need to trust banks to invest in any thing. They don’t, and because of it, we have shelved our drive to seek funds.

In March of last year, our investors, Discovery Beach Australia (DBA) forecast the future brand potential of CCCC Limited to be equivalent to those of existing global brands such as NIKE, Mars Confectioneries, and Berkshire Hathaway (Warren Buffett). The comparison was made in DBA’s First Stage Assessment based on a fraction of information of the contents of this blog that we had supplied them with.

We hope that DBA and other investors are not disappointed with the extra flood of knowledge that has made this blog. There is a lot more to come. For those who may have lost track of the reason for launching the blog we can remind them that issues snow balled as a result of Which? consumer magazine’s investigation of April when they called dry cleaning a dirty business.

Not only CCCC Limited is rich in IP for global commercial realities, but its elements of social responsibilities are equally huge if not more grand. With the investment world going through uncertainties, we see no reason why we should not launch our socially responsible projects right now. We are rich in knowledge, have the vehicle to convey it and enrich our society before we start trading and making profits. Our revised philosophies will have the added benefit of making CCCC more investor friendly than ever before.

The surprise germination of the V-necked cricket wool sweater issue forced our hands to ‘jump the queue’ of following the carefully laid out steps of business development. The launch of our socially responsible projects will naturally invite the society to play crucial roles that they may even enjoy in these uncertain times. However, a significant project such as CCCC requires cool heads to follow goals through and achieve positive results.

We can only recommend the society follow our guidelines and detailed programmes of activities. We will try to bring consumers, various elements of the sheep farming communities, wool specific industries, FAO, UNICEF, UNESCO, Schools, Universities, academics, industrialists, the business world, sport, global brands, environmentalists and many more. They may take on board our philsopohies and act on them or discard them as irrelevant.

Our core in-house human and other resources remain limited for undertaking such vast enterprises. We therefore rely on blog readers to join forces with us and share the networking with us. Brand new strategies will be outlined with limits, thresholds and water sheds not to be exceeded under any circumstances.

For examples, our activities must be conducted strictly under the British laws. Public demonstrations, marches to the houses of parliament (some did last Saturday), interrupting international flights and the likes are most definitely counter productive and will be discouraged at all times. Our police and security forces must not be given extra work to do because of our activities. Strikes such as those happening today in Greece will cost the UK economy hundreds of millions that we cannot afford. At times like this, the government and the people will pull together on CCCC projects no matter how big the differences are between us on doing business, the environment and all the rest of it.

We remain apolitical in our campaigns.

We do not bring any religion in our campaigns.

There is no place for sexism and homophobia in our socially responsible activities of the near future.

We categorically dissociate ourselves well in advance from groups who may high jack our principles and cause trouble by wearing V-neck wool sweaters in cricket games or throwing woollen knitted footballs on to football fields during Man U home, away, and international games. They may even knit themselves huge boxing gloves and hit each other with them when TV cameras zoom in on them. We are not responsible for any such antics, but if they decide to go ahead and do these things, then they will have to give logical answers to the police or else they will look foolish.

Our protesters promoting positive socially responsible achievable goals will use the English language and use this blog as their notice board. The spring board will be announced in a future post.

For the benefit and peace of mind of our supporters, we can divulge that we have been working with Surrey police for years on issues of protecting UK intellectual property, and national security. Ref: Detective Minto of Egham Police (2001), PC 'Dusty' 163 Chris Rhodes (retired) and WPC Michelle Carney, ID number 2763, currently of Surrey Police.

Similarly, we have been working closely with Runnymede Health Authorities for many years. Ref: The Infection Control Team of 2 doctors and 3 nurses of St Peters Hospital in Chertsey. Our campaigns led to the closure of the hospital dry cleaning shop (!) in June 2007. The shop was thought to be a centre of cross infection taking pathogens to and from the hospital.

A word of advice to the Afghans who aspire to become British: Get a good command of the English language so that you don’t to have to hit people when you run of vocabulary. Unwrap the remote control from the cling film. No one will buy your TV and remote soon, because we will go digital. Talk to your Indian neighbours. They braved into the unknown and threw away their cling films. Look at where they are now. They run parts of the NHS, are engineers, were financial advisers and every thing else. The fact that the UK ran out of corners to put shops on, may have forced them to integrate, simply by doing away with the cling film from the remote control.

The last paragraph was unrelated to the proceedings and unnecessary. You may put it down to CCCC nepotism and a 'smiley' substitute to reflect our confident and humourous mood.



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