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IWTO Congress of 07 in Edinburgh. Who was there?

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The International Wool Textile Organisation IWTO with its’ head office in Brussels( ph +32 2 505 40 10 fax +32 2 503 47 85) named wool as the ‘fibre of the gods’ in their Congress of 13 – 16 May 2007 as we mentioned earlier. IWTO’s late president Michael Lempriere who was killed in a car crash in New Zealand (while promoting wool?) said in the Congress:

“IWTO Congress is the only global forum where key wool industry players from consumer to farm can openly define the strategic direction that the industry must take. Wool must command the higher ground – there is no place for ‘cheap and nasty’ in our customer demographic.”

Nothing much happened since May 2007 to date to make ‘fibre of the gods’ a house hold name. With 2009 as the International Year of Natural Fibres, programmes and seminars are already scheduled for next year in venues around the world. We can with UK youth et al (members of Survival Clubs and university students and any others) rally support. One way is to offer help to publicise IWTO 07 Congress participants to UK and the world and team up with them to publicise wool.

For example, have IWTO made logos, badges, and brochures that UK youth et al can have access to, wear and distribute? Can the London knitting café (we haven’t forgotten them) sell or give badges away? We list below the main Congress 07 sponsors:

1) H. Dawson wool suppliers since 1888: No other user friendly contact details on the website, but we have drawn H. Dawson’s attention to the matter
2) Lochcarran of Scotland, world famous Scottish cashmere Tartan and knitwear (for sale in London knitting café?): Enquiries at ph +44 0 1750 726 000 fax +44 0 1750 724 100
3) Lochcarran USA: ph +1 603 356 3369 fax +1 603 356 2554
4) Lochcarron Canada: ph +1 705 728 4932 fax +1 705 728 5923
5) AWTA, Australian owners of the world famous ‘WOOLMARK’ and the same as Australian Wool Innovation Limited ph Australia tollfree 1800 070 099
6) G. Modiano Limited is a global company supplying wool with offices around the world: www.gmodianocom Website not user friendly for public. Members sign on only. Become members UK youth et al. You will have established links between yourselves, Modiano, and sheep farmers.
7) Scottish Enterprise: Supporting Scotland’s businesses,, telephone helpline within Scotland is provided by 0845 607 8787, from elsewhere in the UK and from mobile phones +44 0141 228 2000. No user friendly email address, UK youth et al, but remember that these are one of the people who do things from top to bottom. Change it! Ask Scottish Enterprise to provide a simple email address for linking the public to them direct. This would be the first of your doing things bottom to top. This is something for Scottish Harris Tweed weaving school kids to do. They would be linking Scottish Education to Scottish Enterprise and sponsors in this list in ways that we will all know and demand action when things are not moving. Don’t get out on streets to do it, or you will not be a part of CCCC Limited’s social responsibility projects. Are we being political? We don’t think so. Wool, the ‘guide dog’ leads us to be socially responsible without harming any one and then do business (our test bed in London with investor ready to invest when all of us have parachuted to safety from our various free falls)
8) Johnstons since 1797:, press enquiries on 0044 0 1450 360 500, trade enquiries on 0044 0 1343 554000, mail order enquiries on 0044 0 1343 554040. No user friendly email address, and this may be a bottle neck for encouraging sales? It’s a bit like the shop door is jammed and staff will have to open it from inside to allow each customer
9) Messe Frankfurt: are one of Europe’s largest outfits organising exhibitions, congresses, and events. According to their website, in 2008, 36 trade fairs were held, 39,800 exhibitors took part and 1.54 million visitors benefited from offerings. What did Messe do to promote ‘the fibre of the gods’ since May 2007 when they left the IWTO Congress of 2007 in Edinburgh? What about the late Michael Limpriere’s powerful message the ‘cheap and nasty…’? Did it not sink in? Well, Messe have a big role next year and will house an event in Frankfurt for the IYNF for the FAO. UK youth et al, ensure Messe sell wool badges by IWTO, displays brochures and do all the rest Messe is good at. Messe sponsored the Messe golf trophy for IWTO 07 Congress on the world-famous Kings Course at Gleneagles (probably not as famous as Egham’s world-famous Wentworth golf club but there you go) on 17 May 2007
10) Standard Wool UK: International Wool Merchant +44 0 1924 465023 fax +44 0 1924 465 279, What campaigns did they do since May 2007 to promote wool for garments? Something else to do UK youth et al. Get Standard wool to high light the plight of sheep farmers
11) British Wool: are the British Wool Marketing Board. The website is useless for promoting wool for garments. The message is that British wool is used for carpets and flooring. This market is dead due a dead housing market, credit crunch, export to China, you name it. British Wool Marketing Board is therefore dead by deduction. They might as well close shop and go home. They may have to soon, any way. Look around you: Woolworths, 6 other retail outlets to follow suit (news of 10 minutes ago), Toyota (even in Japan), Nissan, Honda (have threatened the Japanese government that unless they do something, Honda will move its head office out of Japan!!! Translated to English, that means in our view if HRH the Prince of Wales threatened to move out of Kensington Palace (or wherever. We are not bovered) if people didn’t start eating mutton, and left the UK to live in Waziristan! Well, sort of)… However, UK youth et al, the British Wool Marketing Board is also in the Road Runner free fall. Provide them with a CCCC Limited parachute for landing safely. They could then start afresh as you will guide them. Do it.
12) Howarth Scouring Company: We bumped into Barack Obama again. Somebody scouring various blogs for him. Well, some body should scour this blog for him. Any way, he is every where, and as long as he knows the true meaning of ‘Lincoln Longwool’ the world can take a sigh of relief. We were looking under Howard not Howarth. Bloody hell! (Sorry) There he is again. Obama appoints John J Howarth (shall we call him JJ?) as vice president investor relations. Who is yours, Gordon? Conclusions thus far: Obama obstructs Mohammad’s wool campaigns by taking over the internet, to avoid getting shot at! Howarth Scouring Company haven’t heard of the web never mind having a site. Boy, have we got work to do, kids?

Just get mum to drive you to Mr Edward Harding of the Exmoor Horn Sheep Breeder Society (remember him, also of Mutton Renaissance Club? Ph secretary Mrs Gina Rawle +44 0 1643 831 593, and take a spare Gerry can of diesel for his clapped out Subaru saloon 4X4. Sing 'another brick in the wall' by Pink Floyd with mum in car. Calm down mum if she goes all crazy.

Mr Harding will drive you to Howarth Souring Company where you can hand them in your old computer and get them started. On the way, Mr Harding will tell you that wool is guiding us to innovate innovation and we are doing it. You can set up a fund trust and collect money from the list above with Mr Harding doing the mechanics of it. You can strengthen Survival clubs and have money for becoming citizen journalists and make a pest of yourselves to get answers but no more than what conventional journalists and paparazzi do, and stuff.

You may even bump into seeds for new businesses to start or sell ideas to others.

The next post will introduce the participants of the 07 Edinburgh Congress when you can ask them for help to promote the fibre of the gods so that the UK can participate in the INYNF in an impressive manner. For example, Mr Graham Burden of Marks and Spencer attended and spoke on “Organic apparel, its role in the market and the M&S programme in this area”.

The 07 Congress was about wool. So, Mr Burden may have included organic wool in his speech. If he spoke about other organic natural fibres, then he wasted the precious time dedicated to wool. Did he speak about organic cotton, for example? If he did, he wasted his time, the conferences and M&S precious resources.

Australian Wool innovation will tell you that wool accounts for 2.36% of total world fibres. We would remind every one that cotton with its BT type and man made fibres through tremendously hard hitting publicity drives by global giants such as Adidas have killed wool because of its threat to other fibres. will also tell you that wool constituted about 3.5% of Apparel (garment) fibre around the world in 2003.

Suppose Mr Graham Burden dedicated all of his time to promote organic wool only. What percentage of the total wool fibre makes up organic wool? The answer is X multiplied by 3.5% of the world’s total or nearly a fat zero %. So Mr Burden was promoting zero! If all of M&S’ publicity drives are based on such philosophies then no wonder they are not succeeding.

Its time Mr Stewart(?) Rose, the hands on CEO of M&S had a word with Mr Graham Burden and stopped him from taking part in the INYNF of the FAO in Rome and else where. People will laugh at M&S. We do not wish to be laughed at and in this aspect, dissociate ourselves from any thing M&S does to promote wool. In this case, M&S do not make common sense, and we can't have any of that. We have written to them to contact us but have been ignored. On the other hand, and since they are in the state of Road Runner free fall too, and are now making things up as they go along, then the UK youth et al can lend them a CCCC Limited parachute for safe landing.

Alghough we have written to M&S and drew attention of other IWTO members and organisers to prompt M&S to reply, we are unable at this stage to provide you with contact details. They too seem to be doing things top to bottom, and if you tried to target your enquiry to them, you will understand what we mean. Youth et all: Help M&S get consumer friendly so that our concerns and positive contributions reach them. How many other retailers can you change this way? Do it. 'We can move it, move it'. Hey, Facebook?

Don’t bother Mr Harding and all others now. They may be planning to have mutton for Christmas. Smart ones had already booked tables at the Ivy and other mutton serving restaurants months and weeks ago, respectively. Enjoy every one. Merry Christmas.



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