Saturday, 20 December 2008

An overview

Post number 34

An over view of our shift in design philosophies thus far:

With hind sight post number 33 should have been moderated and toned down. It should not be extrapolated to an indication that we have come out all guns ablaze and change the world with our ‘guide dog’, wool. The latter will be kept on our side and will still do good socially responsible deed, but in a focused and controlled manner. We do not want to loose our friends and business associates by taking too much on.

We could have deleted post number 33, but decided not to, because it has good messages and issues for others to take the lead and follow. We kept post number 33 on the record for another reason, too: that we are equally as human as others and capable of making errors of judgement. The keeping of the post in the blog is a self punishment we impose on ourselves and to present a truer picture of ourselves to others.

On the whole, we allow post number 33 to do its job but would suggest that it should be considered by readers who act upon issues raised (if action is needed) after they have dulled the razor sharp edges.

A tangent: We heard through the grape vine that a programme on BBC Radio 4 will broadcast the therapeutic merits of knitting. We listened through the programme website, and sure enough, knitting will be broadcast next Wednesday afternoon by the psychologist Claudia Hammond, the programme presenter. One of this week’s issues raised and we just listened to was invaluable in its own right.

It was reported that indebtedness (owing money to others) can actually cause mental health problems. With the whole world owing money, our potential Facebook friends may find Radio 4’s contribution essential listening. We suggest you have a listen for the sake of our potential friendships.

Readers might like to bear in mind that our publicities are not the cause of Radio doing something on knitting. Far from it, and the day we could influence Radio 4 to do things for our campaigns, then there will be no need for this blog. It was a fortunate serendipity and we are fortunate its’ happening. ‘All in the mind’ is years and years old and was presented by the late professor Anthony Claire and then by professor Raj Prasad. Both did it brilliantly as does Claudia Hammond, in our view.

End of tangent.

We promised to expand on the bullet points in post number 30. Some of them will be dropped. For example: “possible changes of cotton fields for food production to ensure food security. Shortage of fresh water resources may be an influencing factor.” is a vast subject. At best, we may be able to produce a preliminary feasibility report (a desk study)and make a better job of it than we have in some other posts. A final feasibility report, a working document and the rest of it will be called for. Who will do these?

A study of the Murray and Darling river basins in Australia, and the problems shared between Turkmenistan (a small time cotton producer who received bigger publicities than larger producers) and neighbours alone will keep us busy for weeks and months, the ‘guide dog’ tells us.

Instead, we will be focusing our efforts on projects more directly related to wool. If we bump into other problem areas, we will simply high light them and pass them on to others. The knitting cafe may or may not be a potential recipient of areas uncovered. It depends how big the steering committee, when they have one, would want the knitting cafe to be.



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