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The mother of all debates between 2 people

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We have been placed in a delicate situation that will erode the promoting of our causes if we do not take preventative measures. The following is a fit for purpose explanation that is aimed to keep 'intangible' forces against us at bay. See what you think:

This is the mother of all debates between two people over the past year who may be considered to express views on all subjects under the sun. It will help if you know what they have discussed for hours on end during most of this year. One is us with our profile on the blog and face book plus views expressed in our old disbanded blog http://www.kazinegham.blogspot.com during April and May this year. This was our outlandish, unabashed, and no bars held charges at establishments and others whom we took exceptions to.

Then, you are reading our controlled and disciplined views on promoting our business and social responsibility through our current blog that began in August.

The other person is T who has diverse and panoramic views on all the ills and injustices the world has suffered for thousands of years at the hands of paedophiles (he was raped when 7), free masons, Jews running America and all the world’s establishments belong to the same brotherhood of some body or other. The establishments includes Chairman Mao, the ancient Chinese dynasties, all the American presidents, the European establishments, Royal families, all empires whether Roman, Greek, British, and more.

We have heard a lot from T and seem to recall that the British royal family are the owners of Washington DC which is some company and pays taxes to the British crown. Furthermore, they are lizards and stuff. You might have guessed that T is a fanatic follower of David Icke and carries one of his books with him every where. The book published in 1999 has a bibliography of 150 or so proving every one of theories.

T’s latest conviction is that Ariel Sharon reiterated the prophecy of Jews running America, and they (whoever they are) shut him up and he was never heard of again. We asked T to look into the matter and report the latest on Mr Sharon.

Before we go on further, we would like to put a tough one to president-elect Barack Obama. How much taxes Washington DC Plc/incorporated will be paying to the British Crown when he becomes the leader of the uni-polar world on 20 January? T would like to know. Since our government needs a lot of money, we could use the British Corwn’s American taxes for the treasury to save UK’s economy. We will expose the Royals of being good for nothing, greedy amassers of wealth and one, a follower of a Belgian post office van driver. Hey, Barack?! Wouldn’t that be something?

Now, if readers wonder why we didn’t chase out T after the first encounter, here are the reasons: We saw T as a godsend to debate with and a real test of our reasoning against his. It has been extremely difficult to remain focused to publish sensible posts on the blog from August onwards. You may have detected inconsistencies and ill reasoned hypothesis for which T’s influences may have been responsible for. Other contradictions are due to our human limitations and our touching upon subjects on which we own limited knowledge.

We felt that if we can defeat T, then we may stand a chance of being listened to by almost any one else any where on the globe. Exchanges have always ended up in stalemates when T stuck to his beliefs and we rejected every one of them saying that if he cannot provide measurable proofs using conventional units of measurements, then we cannot take him seriously.

Today, after an exchange of 4 pleasant hours (it always is for us to leave an open door so that he feels welcome to continue debating), we believe we succeeded in silencing him. The result is worth reporting to you, but first, a comment from a contributor on item 9 of post number 39:

We were corrected by an anonymous contributor that goods are exchanged between nations using sea freight and not air freight. We accept this immediately and suggest that relevant changes be made to appraisals we suggested in relation to the air miles cotton and wool traverse the world airways. These appraisals need to be considered as a result of questionable sea distances covered and their impact on the net carbon balance.

Now, what silenced T?

1) We have been reducing the wide circle of debate for T using wool as our guide dog. T has been making his cases during most the entire recorded history. We thought best to have a datum to draw a threshold boundary. Wool has a recorded history of 6,000 years during which humans have worn it without interruptions except approximately 2 decades when the advanced west nearly stopped wearing wool altogether. 1991, the year Australia (the largest wool producer) started exporting the bulk of her wool to China was assumed as a sensible datum

1a) We strengthened this datum by justifying the same period of the early 90s when hydrocarbon dry cleaning technology was invented by professor Joseph De Simone of North Carolina State University in the US and won a $5 million environmental award from President Bill Clinton. The technology failed in the US. It failed in the UK when it was launched in a very high profile campaign by the UK government’s DEMOS (think tank) of the then (1993/4) Department of Trade Industry (DTI). Our 20 years’ fact findings lead us to believe now that the invention was a tax write off and deliberately engineered to fail dry cleaning and wool

1b) The death of both wool and dry cleaning had commenced with sheer intelligence. Years later, GreenEarth dry cleaning designed by General Electric and Proctor & Gamble was launched and failed in the US and UK. In the latter case, 300 Johnsons UK shops (a dry cleaning chain as widely reported by us earlier) were converted to GreenEarth in 2004, and failed. With capabilities that General Electric and Proctor & Gamble have, it is difficult to believe that the two intellectual and innovation giants should fail in any thing they under take.

1c) Hence, with the wealth of relevant knowledge we have amassed in 20 years, we can conclude that GreenEarth was also a tax write off to kill wool and dry cleaning. Intelligent drives thus far promoted the use of washable clothes and burdened the time poor western consumer with extra burden of doing their own washing and ironing. To do away with ironing, a new life style was invented to promote today’s look on your streets, offices, and dance floors to mention a few. Proctor & Gamble, after helping create the extra demand for washable clothes, invented the 30 degree detergent we recommended earlier for washing your hand knitted adjustable pure wool bracelets. The global turnover turn-over for this detergent was reported at $1 billion per annum earlier this year. Will this offset the losses incurred by designing and launching GreenEarth? We leave this open for debate.

1d) Fred Butler, the liquid carbon dioxide dry cleaning technology was launched by the giants Linde of Germany and failed. It is currently struggling to establish footholds in Germany and Holland. Was this another tax write off and another intelligent move to kill wool and dry cleaning? Again, we leave this open for debate.

1e) Investigations by Which? the reputed UK consumer magazine in April this year, coincided with Adidas’ doing away with the lovable V-necked pure wool jumper in the same month. Again, from our 20 years self dependent investigations of the last 20 years, we deem this as the most intelligent moves of all to achieve more than to kill wool and dry cleaning. This time, intelligent campaigns sucked us in a black hole. With hind sight, we know now that Which? magazine, Adidas, and others mentioned above knew the UK dry cleaning industry, the chains and independent dry cleaners did not have a case to make against Which? charges of dry cleaning being a ‘dirty business’ as trumpeted on the front cover of the Magazine’s April’s issue.

1f) Whether the killers of wool and dry cleaning foresaw our intelligence or lack of it to see the danger and respond or not, we did. Our precision timing to hit Adidas very hard (so they won’t get up) shook parts of the world that have been hard at work to dismantle the UK wool industry and dry cleaning for nearly 2 decades. The bonus prize was to have CCCC future dry cleaning innovations- dead in its tracks. We re packaged the torpedo and hurled it back at them all. We realise the magnitude of our gain and are building on it.

2) So far, we tried to justify 1991 as a datum to shrink the domain of T’s universal field of debate. Sorry it took so long.
3) We then recalled experiences from the field of environmental/public health engineering preventative measures to kerb the spread of communicable diseases. For example, to control cholera, engineers control the water environment in the area of the epidemic so that clinicians move in and kill Vibrio Cholerae (the pathogen responsible for the disease). Colin Powell may have borrowed this model in his gulf water to ‘Surround Saddam’s army, and then kill it’. It worked comprehensively.
4) Over the past 2 sessions with T, we have been heavily borrowing from something Warren Buffet, the world’s richest man and serial investor said recently. Referring to the AIG – Banking – US government crisis, he said that a bunch of guys have been swimming with no swimming trunks. Now that the tides have gone down, they are all exposed. We presume, he meant that none of them know what to do while experiencing sheer and wholesome embarrassments
5) We took the swimming trunks as a bat to use scoring sixes (cricket) against T who tried all manners of bowling he could use. Despite David Icke and all, T is a good bowler. To give you a taste of his making cases for debate, try this: That continued losses by the British £ against Euro was engineered by Gordon Brown’s advisors and think tanks so that the £ reaches parity with the Euro. When that happens, he argued and won us over (T’s detailed accounts omitted to remain focused), then Investors will invest in British £ rather than in Euros due to Britain’s relative political stability than the Euro domain main land Europe. The latter, T believes is lesser stable, politically than UK for the foreseeable future from the investor’s view point
6) We rather not bring the US $ in to this debate for various reasons. If any one wants a reason, then T says and we agree on this occasion that the US uni polar leadership, her dollar, foreign trade, instruments such as the world bank and IMF got us all in the mess we are in. Can the $ be trusted in the investor-specific time slot under debate? None of us know, but as engineers here at CCCC Limited, we rather use a hefty factor of safety, and rule the $ out for what it has done to wool and dry cleaning. Deduct from the $’s role in item 1) above
7) Back to the swimming trunks: We choose to give the trunks prominence over the 6,000 years, our wool–specific study period. We will postulate that the world as we know it was made by establishments, empires and world conquerors who all wore swimming trunks. Or so we have been told for 6, 000 years. The reality is that those who built the world as we know it, made us believe that it is absolutely unthinkable for them not to have worn swimming trunks. Simpler still, the world could not have been built without those in-charge in swimming trunks.
7a) Those in-charge of today’s world had convinced us that they too carried on with their swimming on. In fact, we’ve been led to believe that the bipolar world (with the Soviet Union in play) or the uni-polar world could not have given us this world without swimming trunks firmly on. They will even refer us to history to prove it. So, history is written by those wearing swimming trunks. We now have good reasons to believe in most of what T believes to prove that he and his guru, David Icke are the products of world leaders past and present, all in swimming trunks. David Icke’s 150 bibliographies are based on foundations with heavy doses of reasoning and logic affected by the decision making/enforcing swimming trunk wearers.

7b) Now, we know that the uni-polar world leaders of the ‘free world’ were caught with no swimming trunks. Tracing our steps back to history, we can deduct that no leaders and those in-charge ever wore swimming trunks at all!!! Black becomes white and vice versa. The iron curtain was drawn to divide Europe and to create a bipolar world by the Soviet leaders who told us they were wearing swimming trunks. Eisenhower and allies told us they were wearing swimming trunks, but weren’t.

7c) Communism was built and propagated by liars. It fell. Capitalism must have been built by liars (no swimming trunks). Will it fall too? This is a question often asked by experts nowadays?

7d) We (Mohammad) are dealing with complex issues here. Our hanging on to the swimming trunks silenced T and sent him home to rearrange his ammunition for a return combat. We are happy with that. However, we have no idea of your take on our unorthodox hypothesis. We hope that some of you will comment as one did to put us right on the issue of air miles assumed for shipping goods as opposed to the reality of the prevailing sea freight. We do not mind rebuttals and debates of any sort.

7e) We assured T that our general mood for conducting debates over the year has been in an atmosphere of sheer excitement and a child-like outlook of positivity at all times. We are fortunate in our retirement age to be given opportunities as a result of discovering the importance of the swimming related issues. While the liars are trying to patch things up and explain their embarrassments, we wish them well to succeed for all of our sakes.

7f) What we are asking them to do is to leave us follow wool that we have seen to work as a model for almost any thing one can think of, seriously. We had cleaned it. We saw it produce good business, consumer satisfaction and happiness. If we follow wool, we said to T, we cannot go wrong. We can tackle any thorny issue in Britain, even the world without upsetting any one or creating further polarities for destructive and divisive purposes. We challenged T to try us with something, any thing national, global, topical or historic, even if we have to break the taboo of us promising not to get geo political. We can make an exception for a one off trial.

7g) T tried the obvious. We said earlier that he is a good bowler. He has always maintained that being a first generation Afghan immigrant, a Muslim, and changing preferences to be called Mohammad instead of Karim (known most of our life as Karim), we must be trying to right the allegedly wrong things done to Afghans, the Muslims, Iraq, Palestine and all the rest of it. Our adopting the name Mohammad instead of Karim was by default in a way. Going through British coutrs, two prisons (we were imprisoned for mentioning dry cleaning in public!), and red tape, we were repeatedly refered to as Mohammad despite our protestations. No one listened. Mohammad was itched in people's memeories and we had to get used to being called Mohammad. It was really weird. It still is, but there you go.

7h) We will not be surprised if a lot of people reading us did not entertain the same thoughts as T did about us, especially after reading our Kamikaze deliberations in the Kaz in Egham blog. So, here is an opportunity to explain all. We did come across as every thing portrayed by our earlier writings since the early 90s on subjects endearing to those promoting global terrorism and related issues. We were misunderstood. Our writings were ‘twisted’ to mean we were inflammatory. These upset our supporters of business and innovative ideas.

7i) Our coming across as the most wanted man on earth ahead on Bin Laden (no joke as we convinced T today) was by default, and certainly not by design. We shocked and we awed Britain not to go to wars to protect national interests. No one believed us we genuinely treated Britain as home and having sat out to protect her interests single handed.

7j) T singled out the Israeli versus Hammas current conflict with 360 Palestinians and 4 Israelis dead in the last 4 days. Adhering to 6,000 years of history (wool) and the swimming trunks as our cricket bat, we proceeded thus: The last 4 days and all else before it from 1948 onwards were caused by lying swimming trunk wearers on both sides! To start with, this will put an end to who did what, when and how many UN resolutions were ignored by both parties. Israel is there and now, and so are Hammas. What can any one do to help? Nothing, absolutely nothing at all.

7k) Skipping an hour of bowling and batting, we convinced T that we have 2 rights in the battle field and that there is no wrong. Two rights are like parallel lines that will never meet. Hence, there are no solutions given realities on the ground. The helpful world is only fooling themselves, without necessarily knowing it. The two sides will have to fight it out for decades if previous Camp Davids, Road maps etc are adhered to.

7l) Israel is right because in order to survive, she had to build one of the strongest military forces on the planet capable of destroying the whole of the Arab world and Iran if they were threatened to extinction. They can only fight with they’ve got. Their military was designed and built for conducting conventional military warfare ready to battle with opposing conventional military capabilities. If Hammas, and the rest of the Arab world doesn’t have even a combined conventional force to face Israel, then that’s tough luck from an Israeli view point, is it not?

7m) Israel is equipped to destroy armies tens of thousands strong, wipe out tank battalions, air force bases housing 100s of bombers ready to take off and wipe out Israel and Iran developing nuclear power and testing vehicles capable of reaching Israel easily. Now, if Hammas, in this case, cannot be man enough to conduct a conventional military battle with Israel, uses civilians as human shields to launch Kassam rockets at Israeli cities (and ranges got longer today!), then can you blame Israel not hitting back with they’ve got? What they’ve got will not only destroy a single house where rockets are launched from. It will take out the entire neighbourhood with considerable collateral damage. Remember that they are only using what they have. No more. At the same time, they have no small logistics for destroying smaller targets.

7n) Still remaining on course about the Israeli right, we go on to report what Israel genuinely believes she should do. She has vowed to get rid of Hammas whatever it takes. Only then, can innocent Israeli citizens in the south can recover from mental illness and human costs incalculable by monetary units.

7o) Now, what are Hammas’ rights? They won an election democratically. Ismael Hanniah and cabinet are the representatives of Gaza, and some of the West Bank. Their democracy was ignored by the US, EU, and Israel. They are considered by democracies of the west as terrorists. Yet, the democratic procedures for Hammas coming to power was no different than those practised in Britain, the US, EU and Israel herself.

7p) Hence, the two rights, and the two parallel lines never meeting or crossing to instrument peaceful negotiations. We convinced T that despite what he or some readers may think, we have no time to waste on the Israeli – Hammas issues, even if we wanted to. Others can if they wish, but we want no part of it. As to whether we are able to offer solutions and to get involved, our answer is a firm negative. We have wool, social responsibility and then dry cleaning to do for various good reasons and causes. However, if wool and related good deeds shed helpful light in a manner this blog post may have achieved, then that would be one example of our being thrilled like a child waiting for other good things to come out of our proving white to be black.
7q) Our thanks to Warren Buffet, the serial investor. Our using of his example as the best bat we could use against the skilful bowler T just happened. We are in a mood to announce that we are living such a wonderfully rich life at the moment that couldn’t care less for drawing Mr Buffet’s or any one else’s attention to invest in us when the time comes. In our view, what we have achieved to date is worth a world to us and others at no extra cost to us. We do not need to wait to become rich first and then exercise social responsibility. If we are worth investing in, then our projects will attract investment. As we said, earlier, this is not about us. It’s about a whole host of other things with wool and believe or not, dry cleaning showing us the way. We will be delighted if Mr Buffet and all others invested in our innovative ideas, without due regards as to who we are. What they need to know is that ethical, moral values and common sense means a lot to us, and nothing will make us deviate from achieving the former two while the latter guides us.

7r) We conclude with T’s query on Afghanistan: Black is white. Afghan democracy was installed by swimming trunk wearers who didn’t wear any. We are not sure about Alqaeda and Taliban whether they are or have been wearing swimming trunks all along. We simply do not know. We have been told what they have been saying to the world. The west and us (Mohammad) have not really seen and heard them address us, directly. Mullah Omar, Bin Laden if alive, Al Zawaheri and others have not appeared on our TV screens and tell us what on earth they want from the rest of us. This is so easily doable.

7s) To be consistent in this post, let us assume that Taliban and Alqaeda have also been liars and have not been wearing swimming trunks. Wool comes to the rescue and helps us make a noninflamatory and neutral suggestion. In fact cotton does. Why not Afghanistan become a larger GM/BT cotton grower and join the ranks of the US, China, and India to solve the poppy growing problem, and to remain out of the lime lights of international press and media. Better still, we give Turkmenistan as an example of how Afghanistan can be a ‘cotton democracy’ Like President Niazoff’s (Turkmenbashi) Turkmenistan?

7t) The term Bashi is used in Afghanistan to designate a man in-charge of a work force of ten men or more. In Turkmenistan, it means a lot more. President Niazoff’s nation have come to love their president so much that the parliament keeps on recommending Turkmenbashi to accept the title and powers of president for life. The president is sick and tired of issuing presidential decrees immediately after parliamentary recommendations refusing to remain in power beyond a certain date in future (a longish period, actually). He has warned the parliament to stop recommending him as president for life with immediate effect. Will the parliament listen? They haven’t yet, and god knows what the president will do next.

7u) Turkmenbashi has announced his father posthumously as the greatest Turkmen leader. His mother is the hero of the nation and the president has named Monday after her we believe. Secondary school pupils love the president so much that they can’t wait to get to BT cotton fileds and work for 2 British pence a day.
We cannot honesty see how president Hamed Karzai and the Americans have not applied the ‘cotton democracy’ in Afghanistan and put an end to all the nonsense propaganda about him and his regime. He can name the holy day of the week (Friday) after his mother to start with. That will put an end to Channel 4’s reporting of the thieving cabinet members stealing all the foreign aid money and amassing them in Swiss banks, while Afghans in the north sell their 10 year old sons for $1,500 a go to feed the rest of their large families this coming winter.

Wool and it’s exposing over kills by cotton is pleased to have been socially responsible in this post on a global level. Mr Henrik Kuffner may be pleased to know for actions that IWTO and others may take during 2009, the IYNF.



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