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More IWTO Congress of 07 attendees

Post number 38

In our view, organisations numbered 1 through to 6, 9, and 12 in post number 37 are friends of wool the fibre of the gods. We can appreciate their efforts in succeeding and empathise with them in facing insurmountable obstacles in their ways of progress. We really do.

We have come to learn through experience that the promoting of dry cleaning in urban societies is equal to the importance of promoting wool for garments. Like it or not, the 2 go hand in hand and are analogous to Siamese twins. Obstacles we faced in more than 20 years have been shocking and included shutting doors on us by the UK government, banks, two local authorities, the dry cleaning industries, global multinationals, environmentalists, universities, a thorough unprovoked beating up, a broken rib, a cracked scalp, life threatening phone calls and the sending of 2 thugs by Greanpeace to beat us up, the near arrest by the police in our trying to attend Runnymede Youth Festival on invitation on 9 September 2007 in Egham Sports Centre sponsored by Proctor & Gamble; to promote wool to Egham and International School pupils (We fled the scene), and a few more.

But this is not about us. It is about wool, the fabric of the gods and we move on.

It is clear from our investigations that it is not safe to promote wool or to even mention it in small ‘unorchistrated’ and informal gatherings. IWTO is a relatively large organisation and can have their Congresses and gatherings through their unity and strength in numbers, but that may be all!

We also remain very serious when we say now that even HRH the Prince of Wales, his Mutton Renaissance, the Rare Breeds, Survival Club, and NSA’s Mutton Renaissance Club have been and are unable to openly campaign for the promotion of wool. The best they can to do is to promote mutton and hope that people will use intelligence, realise the proximity of wool to mutton (only the skin separating the two) and will publicise wool. Our 20 years plus varied experiences also tell us that mutton itself has been kicked to touch and has remained out of sight by the food industry and the giant supermarkets.

For they know that to promote mutton will bring wool to the fore. That will be a threat to cheap and nasty BT cotton and man made clothes they are piling high and selling cheap. The rest of the opposition continue to dumb down next generations to ultimately become complete morons incapable of distinguishing between having rich choices of alternatives in life or to remain in Jeans, T-shirts and combat uniforms like Chairman Mao’s communist China did in their buttoned up padded uniforms.

Other organisations mentioned in post number 37 are either no friends of wool or are misguided friends whose attitudes need correcting with help from bottom to top through efforts by the UK youth et al as defined in post number 37.

Ironically, this blog and its publisher remain the only ray of hope for promoting wool because we are ‘oven baked’, were severely tested and have come out it all alive and well. We realise the importance of this blog to all and are determined to remain proactive to galvanise all interest groups, and urge them to net work and gain strength to face mountains of opposition to bring a parity between the use of cotton and man made fibres on the one hand and wool and other natural fibres on the other.

We promised to publish details of the IWTO Congress of 07 in this post. Please contact them and offer support. Some of them may take part in the IYNF in Rome and other venues around the world soon. If email addresses are no longer correct, please contact IWTO Brussels for the latest updates (contact details in post number 37):

13) Dr Jurgen Kraatz, IVGT-Germany: The establishment is a major German textile specific outfit responsible for an annual turnover of over 5 billion Euros to the German coffers. An insignificant proportion of this may be for wool textiles owing to the near total absence of wool textiles and clothes in the market place. Dr Kraatz may be happy with status quo and promote over kills by cotton and made fabrics. UK youth et al and this blog will ensure to have a voice at the FAO and UN General Assembly to demand parity. Ph +49 ( 0) 6196 47 23 50 Fax +49 (0) 6196 47 23 40

14) Commercial Technology Forum Messrs Allan de Boos and Jim Marler Offer support and network

15) Mr Peter Duffield of Global Textile Associates is a United Kingdom company dealing in woven and knitted wool, other natural fibres and man-made fibres. The new world economic order has made at least northern Europe a lot more energy conscious than were earlier. Wool should and with our help will be given priority to insulate cold bodies in winters to effect savings in house hold bills. Mr Duffield’s promoting organic fibres and man-made fibres will be questioned in 2009 IYNF in Rome and elsewhere. Fax +44 (0) 1133 010 208

16) Market Intelligence Forum – Wool Apparel: Panel session was moderated by Mr Chris Wilcox Chris_Wilcox@WOOL.COM. Paper presented by Mr Mark Dolling, Department of Agriculture, Western Australia, +61 8 9368 3333 Fax +61 8 9474 2405, Youth et all, offer maximum support and network

17) Mr David Rigby on ‘Issues for the demand for Apparel Wool, principal, David Rigby & Associates, ph +44 (0) 161 975 5115 Fax +44 (0) 161 442 3895 Offer maximum support and network

18) Retail Apparel Club: Mr James Sugden, Group Managing Director of Johnstons of Elgin. Full details in post number 37. Offer maximum support and network

19) Ditto but Mr Mark Henderson, CEO of Saville Row Gieves and Hwakes, on “Saville Row – keeping its cutting edge 200 years on, United Kingdom, ph +44 (020) 7434 2001 Fax +44 (020) 7437 1092, Offer full support and network

20) Ditto but Dr Englebert (not Humperdink) Precht, Manging Director, Eurofins Medigenomix GmbH, Germany,, +49 (0) 8092 82 89 77, No disrespect but treat with suspicion. What was he doing in the retail club if the company’s interests are in genetics according to their website, benign or not? The Congress we take it was about wool textiles, wholesome as sheered from sheep, nothing added, nor taken away

21) Beryl Gibson, International Style Consultant, United Kingdom. We looked her up and linked her with mobile +44 07971 069 465. Lorraine in turn is linked with Yorkshire mills and textiles woven there and promotes clothes styled for Carry Grant and Alfred Hitchcock et al. Offer full support and network

Some others too, but youth et al, the knitting café organisers (your job is not easy either) and all others may get the full list from IWTO Brussels.

We conclude this post by clarifying that if any individual and organisations listed here and elsewhere as friends of wool, associated businesses and causes including Mutton Renaissance and Mutton Renaissance Club face obstacles we faced in our 20 years of work, should report incidences to us. Either directly through our details they may have, this blog or Facebook. We will expose them and get Egham and Surrey Police on to them. We are not joking.

Some of the devices used may take the form of mockery, declaring wool promoters and doers of good causes as mad, eccentric or just plain bonkers. We could not think of a better example than HRH the Prince of Wales in this respect. Did any one know that he learnt things from a person called Laurens Jan van der Post? Jan van der Post was a Belgian or Dutch post office woman van driver, the UK press and media will have you know? Bastards and Bitches (we say endearingly!). You may look her up. Then some one told HRH that the Kalahari Bushman was as intelligent and progressive as any city man anywhere (it was 25 years ago and we may have forgotton the precise statment), and HRH believed him. Oh dear.



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